Will USPS Track My International Package?

The US Postal Service will track all international shipments, but First Class Package International is a bit different
track my international package

Shipping internationally can get confusing at times! Different address formats and language barriers make it especially tricky. In addition to that, one question we see a lot is whether or not USPS will track international packages.

All International USPS Services Come With Package Tracking

The truth is, all international USPS services include package tracking. This goes for Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International, and First Class Package International.

Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International both include door-to-door tracking to any destination in the world. First Class Package International, however, is a bit more limited.

The Deal With First Class Package International

As of July 14th, 2020, First Class Package International service includes tracking through E-DELCON (Electronic Delivery Confirmation) to 24 major countries and territories, instead of every country in the world. E-DELCON allows these participating countries to update USPS data for packages shipped internationally. You’ll notice that some countries aren’t on this list. If you sent something to a country that doesn’t participate in the E-DELCON program, that may be why it appears that USPS isn’t tracking your international shipment anymore, when in fact they still are.

Don’t Forget to Purchase Insurance

Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International both come with $200 of built in insurance, depending on the online shipping software you use. However, First Class Package International doesn’t include built in insurance! Whenever you send an item in that mail class, we always recommend purchasing insurance…just in case something goes wrong.

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