Can I Send Vapes through USPS?

US Postal Service now prohibits shippers to send vapes and e-cigarettes through its network, joining UPS in its ban
you cannot send vapes through USPS
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The issue of shipping vapes has been a burning hot topic, but USPS has put an end to the discussion. Since October 2021, USPS no longer allows individuals and small businesses to send vapes and electronic cigarettes through the mail.

USPS Officially Prohibits Shippers to Send Vapes and E-Cigarettes through its Network

On October 21, 2021, USPS issued a final ruling that prohibits individuals and small businesses from sending vapes through the mail. This ruling also applies to electronic cigarettes and other battery-powered nicotine products. Pursuant to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, USPS now lumps vapes and e-cigarettes into its list of prohibited items. This law prohibits USPS to deliver tobacco products of any kind, including regular cigarettes.

All Major Carriers Now Ban Vape Products

For eCommerce businesses who rely on shipping out vapes and e-cigarettes, options are now…extremely limited. Before USPS prohibited them, UPS banned all vape products in its United States network. FedEx also banned vape products to be sent in its network, as well.

Note: there are certain items that UPS allows shippers to send on a contractual basis; however, vape products are not one of them. As the UPS website displays, vape products are part of the list of items that UPS prohibits altogether, and not a part of the items they restrict.

The Difference Between Prohibited vs. Restricted Items

If you’re researching items that you can and can’t ship, you’ve likely come across the terms “Prohibited” and “Restricted” items. A lot of shippers mix them up, but the main difference is: you can ship some restricted items if you enter into a specific agreement with your carrier to do so. These agreements come in the form of special contracts, and you’ll need to contact your shipping carrier of choice to enter into one.

On the other hand, you cannot ship prohibited items at all. Now that USPS, UPS, and FedEx have all deemed vape products as prohibited items, you can’t ship them in any of their networks within the United States.

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  1. Steve

    I live in New Hampshire and ordered 2 vape pens and some vape pods from a US website. They’re both being shipped through the USPS.

    This isn’t some fly-by-night website either. It’s been around for years and has a good reputation.

    Also, FWIW, my order requires “Adult Signature Service Required at Delivery”.

    • carol

      Steve Who do you order your vapes from??

      • Steve

        I’d like to tell you, but I can’t risk getting any business in trouble.
        FWIW, they’re not some backwoods websites, but well-known, legit sites.

        • Steve

          Oh, and it’s not one site, but many. Your best bet is to try and place an order from somewhere, then see if they let you checkout. If they do, you’ll have to pay $7 for your signature. Sometimes I need to sign, and sometimes I don’t.

  2. Nathaniel

    Give me vape for free

  3. Angela

    Question…I asked a friend in the states to go buy some vapes for me and a ship them to me here in St. Lucia, W.I. She told me it is illegal to do so. But it is not illegal here in St. Lucia. Since she is not shipping them to any where in the United States and is shipping them internationally, can she still do this? Or would it still be restricted?

  4. Andrew Taub

    On the bandwagon on this one. You actually can. It just now requires federal approval. The issue is that a lot of online vape retailers find it easier to use third part shippers instead of setting up the proper system. And then you get charged both shipping and a separate $8.00 adult signature fee.

  5. Ignorant Recipient

    Currently waiting on a shipment of nicotine vape products from a distributor based in Illinois. The website noted USPS prohibited shipment, but that they would be using another carrier. When they confirmed my order and sent me a tracking # I noticed that their using UPS, and I specifically see on the UPS site within their terms that Vape products are prohibited. I now find myself in an uncomfortable position, and wonder what other rules and regulations the company might be breaking… Like Roger mentioned, just because something you receive something, doesn’t mean it’s legal. Please exercise extreme caution when it comes to acquisition of vape products via mail, the last thing you want is to unknowingly become an accessory to a crime related to interstate commerce, which is a Federal Offense. Stay Safe everyone

  6. William Faile

    This is a total lie. I am waiting on a dab pen to be delivered today, by USPS, only require a 21 or older signature upon delivery. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

    • Roger

      Have you checked to make sure that you are legally receiving vape products in the mail? Just because your receiving them doesn’t mean it’s legal.

      • Steve

        I think his point was that the information in this article regarding USPS’s shipping policies are incorrect.

        It’s 2023 and USPS is also shipping me vape products. I just need to sign for it.

  7. Jeffrey Beck

    I would like to thank you for the research you do. More should do the same. This site is not just informative, but the info is always 100% truthful.

  8. internet frank

    Stop spreading lies, not only can you still ship, i am still currenlty getting service from usps.
    All mailing must be tendered using either: (i) Priority Mail Express with Adult Signature Required or Adult Signature Restricted Delivery service (see DMM 503.8.0), or (ii) Priority Mail with Adult Signature Required or Adult Signature Restricted Delivery service.

    • Bryson ribble

      Could tou help maybe walk me through the process of getting the verification signature

      • Curtis D Levy

        When you order your vape products when you get ready to check out some company has $8 fee for adults signature and some don’t !!!


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