Can I Use a Different Service for USPS Return Labels?

USPS return labels are limited to First Class Package, Priority Mail, and Parcel Select Ground (aka "Retail Ground" at the Post Office)
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Tis the season of return shipments! Literally. Today (January 2nd) actually marks what the major carriers now call National Returns Day. As a result, shippers have been asking us recently if they are allowed to choose a different service for USPS return labels than the service of their original shipment. The answer is, well…it depends. When shipping with the US Postal Service, return labels are typically the same service as the original shipment. For example, if you shipped Priority Mail for the original shipment, Priority Mail will also be the return service. However, there are some USPS mail classes that don’t qualify for return label service.

USPS Return Labels Can Only Be Either First Class Package, Priority Mail or Parcel Select Ground

Return service for the Postal Service is limited to: USPS First Class Package Service, USPS Priority Mail, or Parcel Select Ground (also called “Retail Ground” at the Post Office). This means that USPS return labels are not an option for any Priority Mail Express services or Media Mail. You can still use Priority Mail Express or Media Mail for your original shipment, but won’t be able to use them for any return services. Instead, your best bet is probably choosing Priority Mail.

USPS Return Service for Priority Mail Includes All the Priority Mail Sub-Services

The cool thing about USPS return labels is that they cover all the sub-services of USPS Priority Mail. That mean that you can use return labels for services like both Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes, Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, and our personal favorite, Priority Mail Cubic! You can also use them for regular weight-based Priority Mail, as well.

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