Do I Need a Special Printer to Print Postage at Home?

Any typical desktop printer is fine for printing postage, but you can invest in a label printer if you want more options
print postage at home
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If you’re sending packages from your home, you’ll need a way to print the shipping labels. Many new shippers often ask us if they need to purchase a special printer to print postage at home, and the answer is no!

You Can Use Any Desktop Printer to Print Postage at Home

As long as you have a functioning desktop printer, you have the ability to print postage at home. Each of the major shipping carriers offer a way to purchase pre-paid shipping labels and print them at your convenience. Most of these labels default to a standard 4×6″ size, and you can print these labels with any desktop printer. If you’re using regular printer paper, you’ll just need to cut the label out and tape it onto your package.

Pro Tip: You can also purchase adhesive label paper that you can feed into your printer, so the labels will stick on your packages instead of you having to tape them on every time. This is a much more professional look, and what we suggest if you’re using a regular desktop printer. If you want to go this route, we recommend these Avery half-sheet labels.

For Printing More Professional Shipping Labels, Consider Investing in a Label Printer

If you want more options for label sizes, you can always spend the money on a shipping label printer. Typically, label printers only print out one specific label size. 4×6″ and 2×7″ are the two most popular options, as far as printers go. Depending on the size of the packages you’re sending (and how many of them there are), it may make sense for you to purchase a label printer. Some of our favorites are the Dymo LabelWriter 450 for printing 2×7″ labels, and the Zebra ZSB Series Printer for 4×6″ labels.

Not sure which label printer to purchase? We’ve got recommendations on label printers, shipping software and more on our Reviews page!

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