Do I Need Customs Forms When Shipping to Puerto Rico?

You don't need to fill out customs forms when shipping to Puerto Rico
shipping to Puerto Rico

Nope! Puerto Rico is a United States territory, and as such, USPS treats Puerto Rico as a domestic mailing destination. Therefore, you don’t need to fill out customs forms when shipping to Puerto Rico.

What About Shipping From Puerto Rico to the Mainland United States?

If you live in Puerto Rico, the answer is still the same! USPS don’t require you to fill out customs forms when you ship from Puerto Rico, either.

USPS Is the Best Option In Most Cases

Since Puerto Rico is a domestic mailing destination, USPS is hands down the cheapest carrier to use. In fact, rates are really no different than shipping a package out to any other destination in the mainland United States!

On the other hand, both UPS and FedEx treat Puerto Rico as if it’s another country altogether. Therefore, their prices are much higher than the rates you’ll get with USPS. There are times when you’ll want to use UPS or FedEx of course, such as when your package exceeds USPS’ maximum weight limits. However, if you can stick with USPS, you’ll save the most money on your Puerto Rican shipments.

For more information on the cheapest ways to ship to Puerto Rico, check out this guide.

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