How Do I Ship a Package?

Follow these six simple steps to ship a package
Ship a package
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You’d be surprised how often we hear the question, “How do I ship a package?” It might seem like a simple idea, but a lot of people don’t know where to start—and that’s perfectly ok! Below are six simple steps to make it easy for you to ship a package. If you want more details that go into the nitty gritty, check out our guide on Preparing Your Package for Shipment.

Six Simple Steps to Ship a Package

1. Box It

First, choose the type of package you’ll be using. Different package types include envelopes, mailers, tubes, boxes, etc.

2. Protect It

Use packing material to protect the contents of your package during transit.

3. Seal It

Once your box is packed, seal it along all the open areas with 2-inch wide tape to keep the contents safe.

4. Purchase Postage

You’ll need postage to ship your package, plain and simple. Think of postage like a movie ticket—you have to pay if you want to get in. You can buy postage over the counter at the Post Office, but postage can burn a hole in your wallet at the full retail price! We suggest you buy postage online with shipping software. That way, you’ll get the deepest USPS postage discounts and save the most money.

5. Label It

If you print postage from a shipping label printer, affix your label to, flat, and smooth surface on your package. Make sure that your shipping barcode is clearly visible. If you’re writing out the address information, use a pen or permanent marker and always write in plain print. As a general rule of thumb, make sure your handwriting is clearly legible from an arm’s length away.

6. Drop Your Package Off or Schedule a Pickup

You’re ready to ship! You can either drop off your package at a mail station or schedule a pickup with your carrier. Just make sure that you ship your package on or as close to the ship date as you can.

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