How Much Insurance is Included with UPS?

Learn how much insurance UPS automatically includes for all labels, and why they're the best carrier for high-value items
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UPS is a major carrier that offers widespread benefits to its shippers. One such benefit is the automatic insurance you receive whenever you ship a package with them. If you’re thinking how to protect your packages with insurance when shipping with UPS, you can rest assured that, to some extent, you’re already covered!

All UPS Labels Come with $100 of Insurance Liability

Whether you buy labels online or at any UPS location, you automatically receive $100 in declared value liability. That means that, as long as the value of your package is at or below $100, UPS will cover your shipment for the full amount if it arrives damaged or ends up going missing in transit. The best part is, this $100 of insurance comes at no extra cost to you. So, you don’t need to worry about paying for anything except the label itself.

You Can Declare Up to $50,000 for UPS Shipments

While UPS automatically includes $100 of insurance for all labels, you can also pay extra to insure your shipment up to a much higher amount. In fact, UPS allows shippers to declare a value as high as $50,000 per shipment. Other carriers, like USPS and FedEx, have a much lower maximum insurance amount (both cap out at $5,000, even with third-party insurance companies). This makes UPS the premier carrier for shipping high-value items such as jewelry and other luxury goods.

To learn more about the UPS insurance policy for domestic and international packages, visit their website.

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