UPS drivers honored across the country for delivering packages for 25 years without a car accident
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UPS Drivers Honored for 25 Years Without Accidents

1,436 new drivers across the country inducted into UPS' "Circle of Honor" for going 25 years delivering packages without an accident

On March 6, 2019, UPS (NYSE:UPS) honored 1,436 drivers across the country for delivering packages without an accident for 25 years. UPS inducted these employees into the company’s “Circle of Honor.” While the majority of UPS drivers have never been in an accident, the company reserves this circle for employees who go completely accident-free for a quarter of a century.

How Many Total Employees Has UPS Honored?

10,364 drivers are currently in UPS’ Circle of Honor, and the company inducts new members each year. UPS first started recognizing its safe drivers in 1923. In 1928, UPS founder Jim Casey honored the company’s first accident-free driver of 5 years, Ray McCue.

According to UPS, Circle of Honor members have tallied more 14 billion miles of accident-free driving in their careers. While that number might not jump out at you, take a second to mull over this statistic: that’s enough miles to cover 200 round trips to Mars! Pretty crazy stuff.

The Longest Running Member of UPS’ Circle of Honor

Michigan Driver Thomas Camp is the longest running member of UPS’ Circle of Honor, coming in at 56 accident-free years! Camp has delivered over 5 million packages in his career, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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