BEEPRT Label Printer


The BEEPRT Label Printer is one of the more cost-effective 4×6″ label printers on the market, and features wireless printing through WiFi and bluetooth connectivity.


The BEEPRT Label Printer (technical name BY-428G) is geared towards the shipper not looking to break the bank on a thermal label printer. That said, it’s basically just another clone of the Rollo Label Printer. However, the cool thing about this particular printer is that it features bluetooth connectivity, whereas other thermal label printers in its class don’t. You can still connect the BEEPRT to a computer via a USB cable, of course. However, if you’ve bought a computer in recent years, you know that USB ports are quickly phasing out. Therefore, the BEEPRT may just be the 4×6″ label printer you need for the future…unless other similar products like the Rollo or the Phomemo PM426 start catching up. From a looks standpoint, this printer also comes in a variety of different color schemes, which we think is pretty cool.

That said, one thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t have to limit yourself to only 4×6″ labels. There are other printers out there such as the Brother 8L-810W that print 2×7″ labels (another postage format that the US Postal Service offers), and only cost a fraction of the price. In our opinion, if you’re looking to save the most money, other printers that feature the 2×7″ label format are definitely worth checking out before committing to a purchase.

BEEPRT Label Printer Highlights:

  • High speed printing at 150 mm/second
  • Comes in a variety of different colors including blue, black, red, and orange (pictured)
  • Live customer support on the BEEPRT website via Skype
    • Contact form also available
  • Connect to a computer or mobile device via a USB cable, a WiFi network, or through bluetooth
  • No warranty information available

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  1. joseph yu

    I just wanted to leave a review for the support team at Beeprt. Mr. Alan is the most helpful, patient, and kindest person I’ve ever encountered. He is truly an asset to the Beeprt company. I would vouche for him and this company ANY time. This product has saved me SO much time and money its not even FUNNY. never have buy Ink, Printers, Tape , Paper, ever again. and THANK YOU ALAN @ Beeprt !!!!

  2. Judith

    i just bought this in ebay but sadly not working well . print perfect one but the next paper label is damage and sticking to the printer inside and not moving anymore so i keep turning off and open and fix the paper again and again

    • JJ

      Not recommended. Don’t buy. Hard to setup. Takes a lot of time fiddling with it to print anything. App used to print with this printer is hard to upload to and hard to connect to.


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