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Endicia is a web-based and API shipping solution that focuses on E-commerce retailers shipping with USPS. They aren’t off-base: USPS is always the best shipping carrier for E-commerce businesses sending out small to medium-sized parcels. Endicia’s platform features scores of major marketplace and shopping cart integrations such as Cartrover, Yahoo!, eBay, Volusion and more. This makes it a nice option for E-commerce retailers selling across multiple channels.


Endicia’s software is heavily customizable, which has its pros and cons. It’s not uncommon for customers to complain about feeling confused when they first start out on the platform. Also, Endicia advertises the “lowest possible rates,” but their USPS discounts only hit the Commercial Base Pricing Tier. You can get deeper discounts, such as Commercial Plus Pricing, with other shipping software options. Additionally, Endicia boasts how easy international shipping is on their platform. They lure customers in with their Global Advantage Program, which comes with certain perks like no customs forms and international address validation for over 240 countries. However, they have simply partnered with Global Post to hook customers up with those features. In reality, most other online shipping solutions have done the exact same thing. It’s also worth noting that Endicia has become infamous over the past couple years for reports of extensive downtimes (aka blackout periods).

Feature Overview:

  • Discounted USPS Postage at Commercial Base Pricing
  • Import your orders from virtually any store or marketplace
  • Build your brand with customizable shipping labels
  • Print large batches of shipping labels for large order quantities
  • Browse more features


  • 4-week free trial period
  • Downloadable version available for Mac users
  • No customs forms and address validation for over 240 countries with their Global Advantage Program
  • Phone support during normal business hours

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  1. Mark Wilcox

    Not a bad service. Has a desktop app called Dazzle that makes it pretty easy to input shipments for USPS and get decent rates doing it.

    Only gripes are that it could be easier and prettier, requires data entry, and is pretty expensive in the monthly fees department unless you make a lot of shipments to make it worthwhile.

    If I were to choose again I’d probably choose something else without the monthly subscription.

    Still beats going to the post office!

  2. Carter

    If the UX doesn’t scare you away, this is one of the most powerful shipping solutions out there. Have nothing but positive things to say. Just wish it would offer some other carrier options besides USPS, but that’s not a deal breaker

  3. Sheryl

    I had heard about Endicia from a friend and thought I’d try it for a while. I’m not shipping a bunch of packages and don’t use it enough to really benefit from batches,. I just ship a care package to my daughter across the country here and there. Mostly giving them 3 stars because I’ve been trying to cancel my account so I’m not billed every month and it took me a couple of months to do it

  4. Evan

    I never knew how complicated shipping was before I started using Endicia. It integrates directly into my ecommerce store so I can buy discounted postage, print labels and send emails to customers all from my store’s backend! It’s all you’ll ever need to take care of shipping to your customers.

  5. Paul M.

    Give it a shot! It takes a while to get used to, but this platform is awesome. My team and I prefer customizable solutions for pretty much everything, and Endicia does just that for our shipping. We’ve saved a lot of money on printing labels, and love how you can add in little “Value added” messages like thank you notes and personalized messages on your labels. Customer service is on top of it too.


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