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Shippo offers both a shipping platform and API solution for E-commerce retailers, marketplaces, and logistics providers. Shippo offers real-time rates for multiple shipping carrier options, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. It also allows for label creation, international mailing documents, tracking, and even return processing. They offer three subscription plans: Pay-As-You-Go, Pro, and Premier. You get different levels of service depending on which subscription plan you choose.


Customers praise the user interface and how easy it is to import orders. Shippo advertises the best discounts for major carriers such as USPS and DHL. However, it’s important to note that they charge $0.05 per label on top of postage prices for their entry-level subscription plan, called “Pay-As-You-Go.” Therefore, your monthly cost of shipping depends on how many labels you print. While this may seem like a small markup, this number can add up if you’re shipping out a lot of packages.

Feature Overview:

Shippo offers a wide variety of features for E-commerce retailers, marketplaces, and logistics providers alike.

  • Send customizable email notifications to your customers
  • Address validation helps you avoid shipping errors and failed deliveries
    • This service is free for US addresses, but international addresses cost either $0.06 or $0.08 depending on the plan you choose
  • Upload existing CSV files to create labels and avoid manual entry errors
  • Generate pre-filled customs forms
  • Create daily manifests and USPS SCAN forms for your batch shipments
  • Browse more features


  • Easy international shipping with discounted DHL Express rates
  • Generate return labels for any order in your package history
  • Fully customize your solution by connecting your stack with Shippo’s API
  • Add multiple users per account, making it easy to collaborate with partners or team members (with either Pro or Premier subscription)
  • 30-day free trial for their Pro subscription plan
  • Large variety of educational support and webinar training

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  1. Bill MacGregor

    I have a go daddy website and it is very difficult to use shippo. Most of the time when click to creat a label the new sale does not appear. Tried to contact help but they said everything was ok! It’s wasn’t! The last order I finally found a way to mail it using shippo and the package was lost in the mail. So had to replace the order. Doing It the old fashion way and hand printing the label on the package. Maybe it’s me or the lost package was my fault but when I use the shipping platforms on Etsy and Ebay never have a problem. They are easy to use and awesome! So to avoid future frustration will not use shippo again!

  2. Brent

    easy to use interface, great rates and customer support

  3. Tyler

    Was using Etsy’s built in shipping labels, but tried integrated with Shippo to save money. Not bad but kind of confusing at first. Also couldn’t get refunds on labels I made errors on like wrong addresses/etc

  4. Brooke

    I have never used shipping software before, but I gave Shippo a try because they pay-as-you-go option seemed worth it. Good thing I did! I love that you can send your customers emails with tracking numbers as soon as an order is shipped. It’s honestly super easy and saves you money and time.

  5. Jessie C.

    Shippo only charges 5 cents per label. When you compare that to all the money you’ll save by getting access to their discounted rates, it’s honestly laughable. Well worth it and would highly recommend!

  6. Shawn

    Like the fact that I don’t need to download an app or anything to see the backend of my inventory and shipping process. Anywhere you’ve got internet and a laptop or a cell phone, you can use Shippo. Just make sure you’ve got a printer nearby too! Pricing structure is pretty good and customer support has been on top of it any time I’ve needed help. Sometimes I get logged out of my session for no reason and I have to start all over again. But other than that, it’s worked well for me so far.


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