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ShipRush is a web-based and downloadable shipping solution that helps small and medium-sized E-commerce businesses streamline order fulfillment. It boasts over 70 integrations, including 3dcart, Big Cartel, Cratejoy,, WooCommerce and more.


With a large number of integrations, ShipRush is a nice solution for E-commerce retailers selling products across multiple channels. However, customers complain the software is clunky and the learning curve is steep. ShipRush advertises up to 65% off base USPS rates and up to 20% off of FedEx rates with their “FedEx Advantage Program.” However, there are deeper USPS discounts you can get with other shipping software. Therefore, we suggest doing a bit of homework to maximize your savings when you buy postage online.

Feature Overview:

  • Automatically import orders from 70+ marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Get up to 60% off base USPS rates and 21% in FedEx savings
  • Compare carrier rates and delivery dates
  • Use automation rules to import orders, email customers and more
  • Browse more features


  • Switch between parcel, freight, or LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping
  • Automatically qualify for FedEd Advantage Program when you subscribe
  • Print up to 5000 labels per day with capability for more
  • Guaranteed error-free shipping labels
  • Live chat online support from 5 am – 5 pm PST, Monday-Friday
    • Phone support hours are 8:30 am – 5 pm PST, Monday-Friday

Not sure if ShipRush is right for you?

To explore some cheaper, easier options, check our guide:

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  1. Dan

    huge and discounts and no room for Human error? What? That’s not a thing with ShipRush. Whatever address the customer gives you, that’s the address that ShipRush prints on your labels! can’t tell you how huge that is. You dont need to copy or paste or anything.

  2. Brittany M.

    Now I can ship anything I want from one place! Sometimes I need to ship FedEx for quicker delivery, but most of the times I ship with USPS. Either way, ShipRush gives me discounted rates and makes it easy.

  3. Nicolas P.

    The software is web-based, so I can send labels to our thermal printer literally from anywhere in the world. That’s pretty cool. Can’t complain about the discounts, but sometimes have a tough time getting in touch with customer support.


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