Based in Miami, SkyPostal is a niche shipping carrier that handles parcel and mail delivery to Latin America. They also offer fulfillment services that allow E-commerce businesses to place products closer to their Latin American customers. As a result, delivery times are shorter. SkyPostal has partnered with some big names in the carrier business that rely on them for delivery to Latin America, such as Asendia, OnTrac, Endicia and more.


SkyPostal is growing in popularity amongst E-commerce businesses since they make shipping to Latin America incredibly easy. With their affordable rates and fulfillment services, E-retailers are enticed to use them so they don’t have to worry about shipping to their customers in Latin American countries. However, it’s important not to forget that USPS can also deliver parcels and mail to Latin America at affordable rates. In fact, if you’re sending international parcels under 4 pounds, shipping with USPS will be your cheapest option! That’s all because of a special international service called Simple Export Rate…which we strongly urge you to look into if you’re thinking about international shipping for your E-commerce business.


  • Web-based proprietary tracking system allows clients to fully track packages
  • Fulfillment and distribution network allows clients to place products closer to their customers
  • Private delivery network of 60+ delivery partners
  • Same day customs clearance

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  1. Rhett

    We use SkyPostal to send to all our Latin American customers and have had nothing but positive experiences! 5 stars!


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