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Booming in popularity with retail outlets and individual sellers alike, Square is a credit card processing company that allows users to accept credit card payments anywhere.


Square is more popular with retail outlets as a point of sale system as it is an E-commerce tool. Retailers love it because of how easy the modern system is to use, and the fact that funds are transferred to bank accounts as soon as the next business day. Their fees are generally higher than other point of sale competitors such as Micros, but that doesn’t dissuade people from signing up. In addition to disrupting point of sale payments systems, E-commerce businesses can also integrate Square into their online stores. Users can also use their APIs to integrate their payment system into custom-built websites.

Feature Overview:

  • Create and customize an online storefront via their partnership with Weebly
  • Integrate Square’s payment system into platforms such as BigCommerce, Ecwid, Magento, Wix and more
  • Accept payments directly using their APIs
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Masterpass are all supported
    • APIs also let users track sales, orders, and inventory all via one interface
  • Browse more features


  • Online and point of sale payments systems
  • Funds are transferred to your bank account as soon as the next business day
  • Web services start at $8/month. Point of purchase fee is 2.9% of transaction + $0.30
  • Square Capital issues loans to small businesses
    • Repayment comes from a percentage of your daily card sales
    • Loan amounts range from $500 to $100,000
  • Custom payment rates for businesses with over $250,000 in credit card sales and an average ticket size of $15 or more
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  1. Brandon

    We setup our whole online storefront with Square and the only fee we have to pay is processing for each transaction! Best kept secret out there!

  2. Miriam

    My husband and I use Square for our boutique coffee shop. Love the interface and how streamlined sales are. It’s definitely sped up our process. Started using it in 2015 and haven’t looked back!


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