How Do I Schedule a UPS Pickup?

Learn how to schedule a pickup for your UPS shipment
UPS pickup truck

Scheduling a UPS pickup is a quick and easy process. Before you begin, you’ll need to create a UPS account on their website.

There are two ways to schedule a UPS Pickup: by phone and online. Let’s talk about both.

Scheduling a UPS Pickup by Phone

  1. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)
  2. Have all your shipment information prepared. This includes:
    • Type of postage desired
    • Package weight, dimensions, and specifics
    • Pickup date, time, and location
    • Other service and package information
    • Preferences on pickup and shipping notifications (ie. email, phone, or text notifications)

Scheduling a UPS Pickup Online

  1. Visit UPS’s pickup scheduling page
  2. Fill out the sections for package or freight pickups
    • For Package Pickups, fill out the following fields:
      • Shipping Label Questions
        • If you have printed labels, answer YES to the question “Do you have preprinted UPS shipping labels for your shipment?”
        • If you select NO, you’ll be prompted to purchase postage online, or you can choose to pay your driver by check or money order.
      • Pickup Information & Location
        • Enter all the address information.
      • Service and Package Information
        • This includes the number of packages, the services you’re using, and a classification on weight.
      • Pickup Date and Time
        • Keep in mind that these are general windows of time. You should expect some variation from the pickup time requested and actual pickup time.
      • Pickup Notifications
        • You can opt for mobile or email notifications, including up to 5 additional recipients with a personal note.
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Choose your payment method
    • You can opt to bill to your UPS account, bill the pickup requester, pay by debit/credit card, or pay with a check or money order.
  5. Verify your pickup information
  6. Click “Complete”

You’re All Done!

Congrats! You’re all set for your UPS pickup. Pretty easy, right?

Pro Tip: All packages will be picked up with a single pickup request. Generally, UPS doesn’t hit you with additional pickup fees for multiple packages.

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