The Cheapest Way to Send Stickers and Decals

Learn why using First Class Mail service instead of a weight-based shipping service is often the cheapest way to send stickers and decals
the cheapest way to send stickers and ship decals
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Let’s talk about stickers. Stickers and decals are cheap items to produce and go a long way to promote brand loyalty. You can spot them everywhere. In fact, you’ve probably seen them recently plastered on laptops on adorned all over reusable water bottles. Companies like Sticker Mule, Sticker Giant, and plenty of others make it easy to design custom stickers and ship them anywhere in the world for a low cost. Some businesses like to keep these sorts of products on hand for things like rewards for referral programs…but when it comes time to ship decals and stickers, they often do it wrong! If you find yourself looking for the cheapest way to send stickers to your customers, this guide has you covered!

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First Class Mail is the Cheapest Way to Send Stickers Up to 3 Ounces

If you’re only shipping a few stickers or decals, First Class Mail is far and away the cheapest way to send them. Simply place the stickers in a letter envelope, slap a Forever stamp on it, and you’re good to go! A single Forever stamp to send an envelope via First Class Mail only costs $0.68. To speak plainly, you’ll never find a better price to send stickers than the cost of a single stamp.

Use Additional-Ounce Stamps for Envelopes Weighing More than 1 Ounce

If you have more than 1 ounce of stickers or decals but less than 3 ounces, you can also add “additional-ounce” stamps for letters that weigh more than 1 ounce (USPS allows you to add up to two additional-ounce stamps for a maximum envelope weight of 3 ounces). Each additional-ounce stamp costs $0.24. So, if your envelope of stickers weighs 3 ounces, you can send it via First Class Mail for a total of just $1.16!

You can pick up Forever stamps at your local Post Office, or you can order them in various quantities on the USPS website.

Use USPS Ground Advantage to Ship Stickers and Decals Over 3 Ounces

For sticker amounts weighing more than 3 ounces—which are therefore unable to be sent via First Class Mail—the nest most affordable to send them is the ground-based service USPS Ground Advantage. Ground Advantage is the cheapest shipping service that USPS offers, with prices that start at below $4 per package (the shipping cost depends on how much your package weighs, how big it is, and how far it needs to travel). Ground Advantage is also the slowest USPS service, with estimated delivery timeframes of 2-5 business days. That said, you have to provide your own packaging to use this service, as USPS doesn’t provide any free boxes or envelopes for Ground Advantage.

The Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is a Comparable Option for Shipping Large Quantities of Stickers

If Ground Advantage isn’t a suitable option for shipping decals or stickers, the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is the third-cheapest option that the Postal Service offers. You may have heard of Priority Mail Flat Rate Service through the popular slogan, “If it fits, it ships.”

One pro to using the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is that you don’t need to provide your own packaging. The Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is free to use; you only need to pay for the cost of postage! You can find these envelopes at every Post Office, and you can also have them delivered to your residence by ordering them online at no cost. So, you can save a bit of money on the cost of boxes and envelopes if you use this service. However, it will still likely cost slightly more than USPS Ground Advantage.

Use Shipping Software For Discounts on USPS Shipping Services

If you need to opt for a shipping service like USPS Ground Advantage or the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, don’t go to the Post Office to send your package! Instead, use online shipping software to buy USPS postage at the cheapest rates possible.

When you use online shipping software, you get access to special discounts that USPS typically only reserves for huge commercial shippers who send more than 50,000 packages per year. This “secret” level of discounts is known as Commercial Pricing, while USPS only offers Retail rates at the Post Office. In some cases, buying postage at Commercial Pricing rates through online shipping software can save you up to 89% off what you’d pay to ship the same package at the Post Office!

On top of offering massive discounts, shipping software companies let you buy and print postage from your home or office. You can even schedule times for your local letter carrier to pick up your packages through most shipping software platforms. With all these perks, you can not only skip the long lines at the Post Office…you never even have to step outside your front door to ship a package, if you don’t want to!

Looking for the right shipping software for you?

To access the deepest discounts on USPS labels, check out our guide:

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