UPS Access Points: How Do I Find the Nearest Access Point?

Learn how to find your nearest UPS Access Point for dropping off or picking up UPS packages
UPS Access Points
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UPS Access Points are locations where you can both drop off and pick up UPS packages. They will often be lockers, as seen in the above photo, but can also be drop box locations at your neighborhood CVS, Walgreens, Staples, or other retail outlets. If you live in a large city, you’ll no doubt be able to find them everywhere…and even if you live in a rural area, you’ll likely still be able to find a couple in your town. Here’s how to find the UPS Access Point nearest to you.

Find Your Nearest Access Point on the UPS Website

If you need to find the nearest UPS Access Point, use the UPS online locator. Simply type in your zip code and you’ll see a map with the closest Access Point and drop box locations!

Pro Tip: When you drop off your package at an access point, UPS won’t scan it into their network until one of their delivery workers comes to pick up the packages. Each access point or drop box should display a designated pickup time when UPS typically comes to retrieve the packages inside of it. In order to follow along with these packages after you drop them off, be sure to write down the tracking number so you can enter it on the UPS tracking portal later on.

You Can Also Schedule a Pickup for Your Packages

Sometimes access points or your nearest UPS Store are too far away, and sometimes your schedule may get too busy for you to get there. If this is the case, you can always schedule a pickup with UPS where they come to grab your packages. This way, you won’t even need to leave your home or office if you don’t need to! While dropping off packages at your local Access Point is free (minus the cost of the shipping label, of course), you will be required to pay a fee to schedule a pickup.

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