USPS Package Says It Was Delivered But It’s Not Here: Where is My Package & What Can I Do About a Missing Package?

Learn what steps you can take to potentially locate a USPS package that's missing but marked as "Delivered"
USPS Package Says It Was Delivered But It's Not Here
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Since the Postal Service delivers so many packages (tens of millions per day), it’s inevitable that some problems occur. Sometimes you’ll find yourself wondering why your package is delayed….and sometimes, though it’s not exactly common, you’ll run into situations where USPS says your package is “Delivered” but it isn’t anywhere at your address. This guide goes into detail about how this can happen every so often, and what you can do when you’re wondering where your package is.

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Sometimes USPS Packages are “Delivered” but Aren’t There When You Look For Them

We hate to say it, but sometimes USPS drops off a package that isn’t anywhere around your address. It’s a frustrating feeling to know USPS delivered your package, even though you can’t find it. Unfortunately, there isn’t any recourse you can pursue with the Postal Service, since the built-in insurance included with Priority Mail shipments doesn’t apply to any packages USPS marks as “Delivered.”

That said, if the sender purchased third-party insurance, they may be able to file an insurance claim and reimburse you, in turn. So, you should always let your sender know that you can’t find your package…but before you do that, you should check a few other places.

Places to Check When Your Package is Nowhere to Be Found

Before you go sending a flare into the sky, we suggest checking a few other places around your address to potentially locate your missing package. Most of the time, letter carriers place packages in an unexpected area at the delivery address; maybe they can’t access the front porch for whatever reason, or there’s a vicious guard dog that won’t let them into the gate (yes, this happens!). A few places you can look for your package are:

  • The front door
  • The back door
  • Inside your mailbox or a cluster of collection boxes
  • In your apartment building’s common area or package storage room
  • A neighbor’s house

In our experience, it’s worth it to take the time to check some other not-so-obvious places. You’d be surprised how often people find “missing” packages when they do!

If the Package is Actually Missing

If your recipient still can’t find your package, we’ve included links for how to proceed with USPS as well as the two other major carriers (UPS & FedEx) below:

Some Steps You Can Take if USPS Loses Your Package

When you’re certain that your package is MIA, there are some steps you can take if USPS loses your package. We’ve laid those out below.

Contact USPS

First and foremost, you should contact USPS before you do anything. We suggest visiting your local Post Office or try speaking with your letter carrier who services your address; if anyone could provide some insight into the delivery, it’s your letter carrier!

File a Missing Mail Search

Another option is to submit a missing mail search request with USPS. Since USPS recycles old tracking numbers every 6 months, sometimes USPS marks packages as “Delivered” by mistake. This is a fairly rare occurrence, but it’s worth it to double-check! In cases like these, submitting a missing mail search can “kick” the tracking number into gear in the USPS database, and populate the tracking number with more updated tracking information.

Ask USPS for the GPS Coordinates

Did you know that USPS keeps GPS information for every package that they deliver? Each time the Postal Service gives a package a final delivery scan, its database captures precise GPS information! So, a more last resort option to find your missing package is to call your local Post Office (or walk in) and ask for the GPS location scan information. When you give them the package’s tracking number, USPS will be able to tell you the GPS location where they scanned and delivered the package, down to a 6-foot radius. This just might be able to help narrow down your search area!

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  1. Donna sanchez

    This item was supposed to come from Hong Kong and I still haven’t received it. I ordered the flyway ball four times and now they said it got delivered on the 17th. It was ordered on November 27, so where is it at I order it again and again and again and again and it’s still not here so my question is, am I ever going to get this product or is this just you know I don’t know what else to say I’m tracking number five for 12233520000 this is the tracking number and it says that it’s here and then never got to me not here help me get this it was a Christmas gift

  2. Kathy lahti

    I sent package to my son in Sarasota FL on Dec 9 tracking says it was delivered to their front porch on Dec 12 at 830 in morning. It was never delied and never showed up they were home all day

  3. Karishma

    When come my package it’s very let I am so upset 😡

  4. Sandra roushia

    The postman lost my box delivered it to the wrong address said it was delivered had no luck getting my package file a complaint and they knew where they delivered it to but people must of stolen it I had priority mail but they never cover the cost me to mail it or the lost of my box I don’t do usps no more I only do ups I sent the stuff to my grandkids that they never received it and usps never gave my money back I stop trying they kept denying it on the claims this happen a while back my lost and my grandkids never got their stuff

  5. April Meseck

    I bought the iPhone 13 mini and an iPhone 13 mini case MagSafe it said it was delivered through the past 5 days.

  6. My delivery to my Post Office Box

    UPS have tried twice to deliver my Parcel to CLEVELAND Post Office.
    It would help if they didn’t choose 5 O’clock in the morning. Not once, but twice.Please Check the opening times of the Post Office then maybe I will be able to collect my Parcel.

  7. Mary

    Nine of my usps packages have delivered. All my neighbors say they aren’t getting there packages either. Every one of them says delivered

  8. Margie Houser

    I was supposed to receive a package on 8-26-22 @ 5:29 pm it was supposed to be on my front porch. But it was not, I have ring and nothing was placed on my porch. So I like to know where my package

  9. JL

    I ordered a package from Amazon end of July.. shipping detail showed would be delivered to my home address Aug 7 – 11. Did not receive package by that date.. then notification received package may be delayed, next couple days notification package may have been lost but still possibly delivery date of Aug 21. Aug 21 shipping stays showed delivered to my address on Aug.10.. I did not receive the package. Contacted seller, he was advised through USPS it was delivered. Seller sent replacement, waited a week and a half.. no package.. I contacted USPS 800 number and provided tracking info. Was advised package was addressed to me, same city/state but street address did not match my address. It was delivered within the vicinity of my address but USPS could not do anything to recover since the address was incorrect. I asked if they could send a carrier to pick it back up and redeliver to me. Was advised they could not do that and would not help me. I got a refund for the package, but the seller is now out 2 item and cost. Doesn’t the US Postal Service have a responsibility to pick the package back up if recipient has proof of tracking number and identification?

  10. Deborah

    I was told my package was delivered to my mailbox at 6:09 pm today. I have a ring security camera and no one from 4 to 10 pm was shown delivering a package. My house number is on the mailbox, on the inside lid of my mailbox, on the mailbox post, and on the front side of the house. So where did they deliver my package?

  11. Cheryl Alado

    Shame on the United States post office my package says delivery..a empty package my item was stolen thur post office the running around I’m getting its obvious nothing will be done.

  12. Michael Lowder

    I recently had delivery of medication (I’m 68 with Untreatable Heart Failure) and my mailbox is 200’ from my house. I generally only drive down to get my mail once per week.
    I was waiting for a delivery of my meds and was told that I already got them. The delivery required a signature.
    The driver had forged my signature and left them in my mailbox.
    The USPS said that this was acceptable !!
    How does this happen?

  13. CAR

    The sad part is thr USPS used to be dependable. Now not even at all!!!! I’ve had so Manny packages missing and they won’t eve try to help me find them so I’m out the money unless the shipper covers it. Usually not when it says delivered. I think the carriers now days are stealing pkgs. They hire anyone off the street now. Used to be a great job but now it’s same as all the rest where they don’t even have any pride in doing a good job. It’s just sad that such an iconic part of the USA has been so damaged. If we don’t have it no one will be able to afford to send anything. Then what? They need to scrutinize people better before they hire them. And when we have no recourse it’s only going to get worse. I don’t even deal with them anymore since it’s always useless anyway. They couldn’t care less. On top of it all they are so rude. So if you can use another company it’s best. At least they have better track record. And probably take responsibility for lost stuff. That’s why no one else has ever marked things delivered unless they were.. USPS told me to go all over to search. I live in a bad area where it’s not even safe to walk down the street so I’m sure not going to confront my neighbor about my packages. Even tho they totally do have then. I just don’t order or use USPS.. EBAY won’t refund either when it says delivered. Even though you don’t get the item. I think they are scamming us all! Wish is definitely a scam too.

  14. JERRIE

    I sent a medium box priority mail and tracking showed delivered but friend never got it. The reg carrier was off that day and the next week the usual carrier checked and said it was del to house down street. They did not have it. Why did the postal main ofc (D C) (I sent ltr to corp.ofc) send me claim forms if the $50 insurance would not apply in this case.
    Usually get good results and local clerks/carriers are great. Lot of work and about $50 to replace and reship. Guess the local clerks did not know if it is marked delivered you might as well forget it.
    It is nice now to be informed about your policy.

    • Elizabeth goenaga

      I spoke with a lady in charged and she told me the package was going to be delivered today before 8pm. Never showed up called USPS close for the day. There was inquiry on my package. Also stayed in carrier facility 30 minutes from my house for 6 days.

      • Miaty

        I am currently experiencing the very issue. My item arrived at the Distribution center at 2:53 on Sat. Website updated said it is still to be delivered by the expected date it only changed from 8 pm to 9 pm. Can someone other than the USPS still deliver it today?

        • Joey

          I recently sold something on eBay and mailed it away comes to find out that it was sent to a house that was up for sale and vacant for quite a while after doing some investigating so they sent it back to me and said it was delivered to my house and I never got anything I asked them to check the GPS coordinates and they say it was scanned right in front of my house but yet I never found any package or anything so now I just lose out on $110 how is that work how is this Fair just because I didn’t get insurance I’m out $110 that doesn’t seem too Fair not everyone could afford insurance they need to start taking pictures like everyone else does of it being delivered or else there’s no proof.


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