What is Batch Shipping?

Learn about this efficient shipping method used by eCommerce businesses, crowdfunding campaigns, and more
Batch Shipping describes the process of creating postage labels for multiple orders at one time.
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Utilized by subscription businesses, eCommerce operations, crowdfunding campaigns, and more, batch shipping describes the process of purchasing and creating shipping labels for multiple orders at one time.

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Are You Fulfilling Orders Yourself or Working with a Fulfillment Partner?

Before we talk about anything else, one thing to consider is whether you’re fulfilling your orders yourself or outsourcing your fulfillment to a third party. Batch shipping is most commonly utilized when you’re fulfilling your orders in-house, and buying labels for them yourself. When outsourcing fulfillment to a third party, you’ll most likely be integrating your online store to pull in your orders automatically to your fulfillment partner’s software. Once the orders get pulled in, your fulfillment partner will pick them, pack them, and ship them, on top of warehousing your inventory and handling any returns.

The Benefits of Batch Shipping

The benefits of batch shipping are obvious! Instead of creating labels one at a time, batch shipping lets you create labels for all your orders at once. This ends up saving you a TON of time, and let’s face it: time is money. By shipping in batches, you’ll be able to fulfill all of your ready-to-go orders at one time rather than purchasing and creating labels one by one. You can also schedule pickups for these batches of shipments once they’re all labeled and ready to be sent!

How to Create Batch Shipping Labels

You can create labels for your batch shipments with the online shipping software solution of your choice. However, some shipping software solutions offer you more flexibility in this area than others. For instance, some shipping software companies charge monthly fees or minimums in order to access features such as batch shipping. Others will let you upload spreadsheets of your orders without charging any additional fees. Regardless, nearly every shipping software company offers integrations with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and more to pull in your orders automatically and buy labels for them in bulk.

Don’t Forget to Create USPS Scan Forms for Your Batches of USPS Labels

When you print shipping labels from USPS in batches and are fulfilling orders yourself, it makes the most sense to create an end-of-day USPS Scan Form. USPS Scan Forms are single labels with one master barcode that allows postal workers to scan and track all packages in a batch shipment. Scan Forms allow postal workers to check in all your packages at the same time, rather than having to scan each package individually. Talk about a time saver!

Just like printing out your bulk shipping labels, you can create USPS Scan Forms with your online shipping software solution. For more information, check out our question guide: What is a USPS Scan Form?

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