Can I Buy Stamps with Shipping Software?

Learn which shipping software companies sell stamps for First-Class Mail and why the easiest way to get them is on the USPS website
buy stamps with shipping software
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A common question we receive is whether individuals and businesses can use online shipping software to buy stamps for First-Class Mail. While all shipping software companies sell discounted labels for sending packages, only a select few sell postage stamps for sending letters and postcards.

You Can Buy Stamps With Some Shipping Software Companies and Not Others

In order to sell stamps that customers can buy and print online, a company needs to have a partnership with the Postal Service that designates them as a third-party postage provider. Not every shipping software company has this partnership agreement with USPS, and if you look for First Class Mail stamps on most shipping software platforms, you probably won’t find them!

Which Shipping Software Companies Sell Stamps Online for First-Class Mail?

We’ve included a list of the shipping software solutions that sell postage stamps for First Class Mail below:

When customers use the above companies’ services, they can purchase their own postage stamps for sending letters and can print the stamps from their own homes or offices.

Keep in mind that on top of selling postage stamps, these four companies also sell shipping labels for USPS services such as USPS Ground Advantage, Priority Mail (and its flat rate sub-services), Priority Mail Express, Media Mail, First Class Package International, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International.

The Best Way to Buy Stamps is on the USPS Website

If you need to purchase stamps, one of the easiest ways to do so is through the USPS website. The USPS website not only gives you scores of different styles, but also offers Forever stamps in many different quantities. You can purchase as many sheets of Forever stamps as you like (there are 20 stamps per sheet), and USPS will ship them to whichever address you provide.

One thing to note is that USPS charges a $1.70 handling fee for any domestic orders of stamps up to $50. If the order is greater than $50, USPS charges a fee of $2.35. Of course, you can always purchase stamps at your local Post Office…but you’ll be limited to the styles that particular Post Office has on hand.

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