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A publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, is an enormous conglomerate with scores of subsidiaries. In a nutshell, it is a monthly subscription service that allows you to print USPS postage from home. also has a large variety of marketplace integrations, allowing users to import orders from any store they are selling from. Examples of such integrations include 3dcart, eBay, Magento, Volusion and more.


While they are one of the largest USPS postage providers in the world, isn’t the best solution for your E-commerce business. They frequently advertise that you’ll get the “lowest USPS rates” if you sign up with them.  However, their USPS discounts only reach up to 40% off of domestic shipments. There are other shipping software solutions out there that will give you more than double this discount, so we suggest doing your homework.

Feature Overview:

  • Discounted USPS rates, up to 40% off
  • Easily purchase stamps for your mail and shipping labels for your parcels
  • Automatically import your orders from nearly every marketplace
    • Use one simple dashboard to manage and ship all your orders from all your stores
  • Browse more features


  • Free 4-week trial version
  • Get $5 in postage and a free USB-powered shipping scale when you sign up
  • All the top direct thermal label printer brands are compatible
  • Free telephone support from live customer service representatives

Not sure if is right for you?

To explore some cheaper, easier options, check our guide:

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  1. Kelly

    Not really getting that much more of a discount than just buying labels off Shopify…

  2. Mike S.

    It’s a pretty cheap service on a month to month basis, and you’ll save some money on your shipping labels. I tried out a few other solutions recently and found that I saved more money with pretty much every single one, though.

  3. Chanel

    I make handcrafted jewelry in my spare time and figured I’d start selling some on eBay. I haven’t shipped out a lot of orders (YET!!!) but I picked Stamps to save some money on shipping labels. It’s pretty affordable and I saved a little bit of money so far, but I don’t know if it justifies paying $16 a month if I’m not taking in a lot of orders. That will more than likely change once my order volume picks up.

  4. Bobby B.

    Not gonna lie. Set up an eCommerce store on Volusion and chose as my shipping integration since that’s the only one I’d ever heard of. It was cool and easy to import all my orders, and I saved some money on labels. But there’s other options out there that give you better discounts and do the exact same thing (and more)

  5. Salvatore Belleci

    Ive Had for 20 + years I think. A Great Company so easy to use. Great customer support Never Had a Bad Issue they Cant Fix

    • Salvatore Belleci

      I forgot to click 5 stars in previous review Again I recommend

  6. Andrea Phillips

    Been with them 12 years. Constantly having issues the last 1-2 years including an incident were they failed to ship around 20 flat rate packages in just over a month costing my company hundreds of dollars and losing me customers. Pricing discounts are the same as free shipping options. so you’re paying for nothing.

  7. Fabian



    I used long time ago and sometimes has technical fails but is a good option for business

  9. Eva Sawyer

    I’d give negative stars if I could… I have used in the bast and been really happy with it. But most recently for my business I have come back, and had nothing but problems. Every time I try to purchase postage I get an error that the purchase couldn’t go through. There is plenty of money in the account, so that wasn’t it. Apparently if you haven’t been using the service long they like to flag your account and shut own purchases until you call and prove that you are you. Fine, whatever – but I shouldn’t have to call EVERY SINGLE TIME I need to buy postage – once I verify who I am then that should be that. I finally gave up and went to a different company, even walking away from postage still in my account. Horrible service – really disappointed.

  10. Nate Mishaan

    Thieves that sell an overpriced service. Use paypal to ship. They have nothing to offer!!!

  11. Rick Wheeler

    This company sucks. I asked for a trial and they took a credit card then after a week I called and told them I was not doing the volume to warrant using the serice. They acknowledged and then continued to charge my card for 3 years about 15 per month. Their reasoning was I did not follow up the phone call with a letter. Scamers!

  12. Judy Tucker

    I was very unhappy with the service I didn’t get. Misunderstood the original sign up apparently, according to them. Small print? Was charged for 4 months before I noticed (shame on me). When I called they gave me one month back. Costly mistake.

  13. Connie Holt

    Cannot seem to print postage when I want either on net stamps or on envelopes

  14. Sista Shai Hankins

    Love Been with them since 2001 !

  15. Colin Corcoran

    Hard to cancel, they used to have a 4.99$ a month plan for low volume users that I used the hell out of. At some point I was switched to a much more expensive plan when they phased the reasonable cost plan out – mind you you’re still paying for postage on top of their fees too. I’d use them again with a 4.99 a month plan, but almost 20$ a month to mail a few things – just no. When you do cancel it will likely take 3 or 4 tries.

  16. Beatrice Mooney

    Still can’t log in .Being charged but cant use it .

  17. Jeremy Lee Snyder

    You don’t need anymore so many places to ship for free and get online discounts .. this place shouldn’t exist

  18. Sandie Bell

    I’ve used for several years now. I love the convenience of not having to go to the Post Office, no matter what I’m shipping or where it is going. I can easily print labels, envelopes or stamps from home.

  19. Janet Grady

    Don’t do it, they’ll keep charging you for years!

  20. Stephen Farrell

    I use it all day – once you know how to resolve issues – it’s no big deal. Keep your internet cache clear and you’ll have alot less issues.

  21. Rick Wheeler

    Once they have your credit card number they charge every month. The CS will say they have stopped the service, then after 3 years of them charging you monthly they say you did not send a letter advising you no longer wanted the service. The telephone call was not enough!!! BULLSHIT! Company sucks

  22. Timothy Wilkerson

    Yeah, they sent me some blank stamps to be printed for sending out letters of appreciation, but nothing ever developed for charging me anything just yet. I didn’t authorize it tho. I figured it was cheaper to just out right buy stamps at the post office, seeing how it’s more legit that way, and there’s NO CONFUSION on where the money goes.

  23. Mary Pearsall

    Haven’t had any problems. But the picture of orientation of printer is confusing. Can’t tell which side (top or bottom) it’s going to print on. Frustrating to have to buy postage twice to get it printed in the right place.

  24. Gregory H. Guillot

    I’ve used it since the company opened for business and think it’s fantastic, and am surprised to see negative reviews. It has no competition for a business like mine, because competing services are good for packages only, and not letters, which are needed for my law firm. I use it every day, and it’s a critical part of my business. Moreover, it’s less expensive than a postage meter, but performs all the same functions and more.

  25. Kim Perrin Wilbanks

    Credit Card security department is lacking – in protection, but also in servicing after a fraud incident. I couldn’t get anyone at the company to take my issue seriously. It was very disappointing.

  26. Charles Wolff

    Well, there is no return address, but “” on the back, “Presorted Standard US Postage Paid Greenville SC Permit #63” to ‘addressee’ and ‘Open Immediately’.. 🙂 It still hasn’t been, thanks to Joe Biden..

  27. Christian Celuzza

    No customer service!!

    • Jeremy Lee Snyder

      delete you’re account there is no need to have it when there is free services that offer discounted shipping

  28. Craig Chambers

    I have been using for years and years. NEVER had a problem. So convenient to use. And frww shipping supplies.

  29. Nancy M Weasel

    I like Had no trouble once I figured out some things a few years ago. Their support is great. I don’t need much postage anymore but when I do print it up I always pay less than post office. And I opted for less features at the 7.99/mo price. Great job

  30. Mary Lister

    I loathe them.

  31. Charles Wolff

    Well, there is no return address, but “” on the back, “Presorted Standard US Postage Paid Greenville SC Permit #63” to ‘addressee’ and ‘Open Immediately’.. 🙂 It still hasn’t been, thanks to Joe Biden..

  32. Rick Wheeler

    This company gets your credit card and keeeeeepsssss charging even if you cancel.!!!!!!!!

  33. Adam Gingold sucks

  34. Bobbi Bullock

    Their customer service sucks. I tried umpteen times to update my card on file, not a thing I did helped. I emailed, sent a message, no replies. I now owe back monthly fee. I tried another company that was cheaper anyway. Not as convenient as stamps. Com though.


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