Do Forever Stamps Expire?

Forever stamps for sending First-Class Mail last as long as the name suggests: forever!
Do Forever Stamps expire
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Although shipping and mailing couldn’t be more different, we all need to send the occasional piece of First-Class Mail along with our packages. When that time comes, you’ll be happy to know that you can pull out that old roll of “Forever” stamps that’s been collecting dust in your desk drawer. Lucky for you, you can use Forever stamps no matter how long ago you bought them…because Forever stamps from USPS don’t ever expire!

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Forever Stamps Don’t Expire

Just like their name suggests, Forever Stamps for sending First-Class Mail with USPS don’t ever expire! They last—you guessed it—forever, or as long as the US Postal Service is around (which we’re betting is a long, long time, considering it’s been operating since 1775 and is on track for some serious reform that will keep it around for decades to come). So, if you’ve got yourself a roll of First-Class Forever stamps, you can use them to send a piece of mail with USPS any time you like!

All this said, just because Forever stamps don’t expire doesn’t mean their price never goes up! In fact, USPS recently lifted the price of Forever stamps from 55 cents to 58 cents…and since prices generally rise, it could go higher by a couple of cents in the coming years.

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Send a Letter?

Here’s something to keep in mind about Forever stamps…depending on the kind of mail you’re sending, you may need some additional postage! One Forever stamp technically covers 1 ounce of postage costs, so if your letter is heavier than one ounce, you’ll need to buy the “Additional Ounce” postage that USPS offers. These “Additional Ounce” stamps are cheaper than a single Forever Stamp, but if you’re feeling luxurious, you can also just slap a second Forever Stamp on your envelope and call it a day.

If you’d like to track your mail every step of the way, you’ll also need to pay for other services on top of your Forever Stamps. This particular mail-tracking service is called USPS Certified Mail (which is recommended when sending sensitive documents, checks, etc).

Where Can I Buy Forever Stamps?

The main (and easiest) destinations for buying Forever stamps are local Post Offices. Most Post Office locations offer automated kiosks now, and you can use these ATM-like machines to buy a roll of stamps without waiting in line. You can also pick them up online at, and USPS will mail them directly to your door.

Certain shipping software solutions also sell Forever stamps, but not all of them. If you’re only looking to pick up postage stamps for sending letters, then is a fine option. That said, doesn’t offer the best prices for buying postage for packages—not by a long shot. If you need postage for sending packages, you’re better off choosing a shipping software solution that offers even deeper discounts. They’re out there! All you need to do is look.

Need a Helping Hand with Shipping?

Since Forever Stamps never expire, sending First-Class Mail is relatively straightforward. Shipping, on the hand, can be tricky…and depending on the kind of item(s) you’re sending, you may need to follow a certain procedure when buying your postage. If you’d like more info, we suggest checking out our archives on Shipping Basics, which lay out nearly every shipping scenario you’ll come across!

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  1. Carmen

    Just yesterday, 10/07/22, I went to the USPS to purchase ten 20-cent stamps and use them as an addition to leftover old Forevers and the clerk told me that those 20-cent stamps now cost 24 cents and that was what he charged me for those new ones. Then, just today I found out online that the extra “ounce” it’s going to be effective starting on 01/01/23. As I understand from this article is that one can still use an old Forever stamp for a plain letter as long as it weighs up to one ounce, regardless of how much the stamp cost at the time of purchase? I have been adding 21 cents to all my letters and manual bill payments for the longest while still using 39-cent Forevers from a few years ago, based on a misdelivery incident. Is my new understanding correct?


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