Can You Mail a Passport?

Do not attempt to send a passport in the mail, as First-Class Mail doesn't offer the type of tracking services you need for sending important documents
can you mail a passport
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One of the questions people ask us is whether they can mail a passport with regular First-Class Mail. It’s a fair question to ask. Passports are small, lightweight, and can fit most standard envelope sizes. However, sending a passport through the mail is not recommended.

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Don’t Mail a Passport with Regular First-Class Mail

While some people may try to save money by using regular stamps and a letter envelope, this isn’t the proper way to send a passport. This is mostly due to one reason: the lack of tracking you get with First-Class Mail.

Unlike other USPS services, First-Class Mail doesn’t come with any form of tracking, and government agencies always recommend using a service with full door-to-door tracking for sensitive identification documents such as passports.

Government Agencies Recommend Sending Passports with the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope

If money is not a consideration, the best way to send a passport within the U.S. is to use the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope. This envelope is the most affordable option within all of the Priority Mail Express services that USPS offers, and USPS provides a money-back guaranteed delivery date. In fact, since Priority Mail Express is the fastest and most secure shipping service that the Postal Service offers, it’s the one that both USPS and other government agencies recommend for sending passports.

Pro Tip: If the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope is too pricey, the regular Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope is the next-best option for sending a passport. While it’s the more affordable option between the two, you won’t get the same time-sensitive delivery that USPS offers with Priority Mail Express services.

Save Money On Priority Mail Express Postage with Shipping Software

What if we told you that you don’t have to go to the Post Office to buy Priority Mail Express postage? Instead, you can capture the deepest discounts and save money on all kinds of USPS services when you use free online shipping software to buy postage.

Online shipping software solutions sell all of the same USPS services that you’ll get at the Post Office, but at deeply discounted prices. For instance, the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope costs $30.45 at the Post Office (2024 prices). However, through shipping software that offers USPS labels at the deepest discounts, you can purchase the same service for $26.35. That represents a savings of over 13% to ship the same envelope!

These companies can offer such deep discounts because of their economies-of-scale partnerships with the Postal Service. However, some shipping software companies charge subscription fees and impose markups on top of their postage, while some companies pass these discounts on to their customers for free. To keep the most money in your pocket when sending a passport with the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope, you’ll need to go with the shipping software solution that offers the deepest discounts without any monthly fees or hidden costs!

Looking for the right shipping software for you?

To get the deepest discounts on USPS labels, check out our guide:

Choose the Best Shipping Software

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