How to Ship Fireworks (and Do It Legally)

Learn how to legally ship fireworks in the United States, and what your limitations are
how to ship fireworks
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Close your eyes and think about your last Fourth of July. What do you see? We’d be willing to bet you’re envisioning those brilliant, colorful explosions in the sky: fireworks! Fireworks are a huge part of the American experience—just ask Katy Perry. However, despite the fact that we see them all the time at sporting events, concerts, and on Independence Day, it’s not as cut and dry to ship fireworks as you might think. This guide is all about how to ship fireworks in the United States…and how to do it legally. Let’s get cracking!

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You Need to Be a Certified Hazmat Dealer in Order to Ship Fireworks

First thing’s first: if you want to ship fireworks, you’ll have to obtain a license that certifies you as a hazmat shipper. Unless you’re a certified hazmat shipper, no shipping carrier will touch your fireworks shipment…so don’t even think about it! Also, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you have your hazmat certification, you can only ship fireworks to another certified licensee. If you’re looking to become hazmat certified, visit Transportation Compliance Associates’ website.

I’ve Got My Hazmat Certification—Which Carrier Should I Use?

Unfortunately, the US Postal Service entirely prohibits the shipment of fireworks…even if you’ve got your hazmat certification. If you’re hazmat certified, both FedEx and UPS offer shipping services for hazardous materials and dangerous goods like fireworks.

Remember: carriers classify all types of fireworks as explosives, so they treat them as hazardous shipping materials. That being said, you’ll likely use FedEx’s or UPS’ Ground services for any fireworks shipments.

Our recommendation? We suggest going with FedEx. FedEx handles fireworks shipments for large corporations such as Disney, and they are the industry leader when it comes to shipping dangerous goods. If you want more information, give them a call at 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GOFEDEX) and follow the prompts to get to the Dangerous Goods Hotline.

Why USPS Won’t Let You Send Fireworks

The US Postal Service considers fireworks as explosives, so fireworks land on their list of prohibited items. All explosive items are deemed non-mailable with USPS. Before you go asking about firecrackers or roman candles, the answer is still no. USPS prohibits the shipment of all types of fireworks, whether you’re hazmat certified or not.

Laws on Fireworks Vary from State to State

Here’s one last thing to keep in mind. While federal law allows for the shipment of fireworks between states (provided the shipper is hazmat certified), the laws governing consumer fireworks vary from state to state. For example, North Carolina limits fireworks to a charge of 200 grams of black powder, while Massachusetts bans consumer fireworks entirely. Therefore, it never hurts to do some quick research on the different states’ laws to avoid any issues before you send out your fireworks shipment.

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  2. cory long

    is it legal to order fireworks on line to pa class c fireworks

  3. Tim Boltz

    i was told firewooks have to be shiped freight tractor trailer

  4. David Browning

    How does one become a Certified Hazmat Shipper ?

    • David Browning

      How does one become a Certified Hazmat Shipper ?

  5. tim

    are fireworks legal in pa like 1.4g
    and how i get 1.3g permit to buy and use

  6. Aleta

    I bought fireworks that I want to have shipped to my summer home in Arkansas. I just found out that UPS and USPS will not ship them, how can i go about hiring a company to ship them safely. Are there recommended companies that i can reach out to?

    • Lisa Adams

      Above, it says Fed Ex will ship them but labeled as hazardous material.

  7. john bettencoutk

    PLEASe advise

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    I bought a large bundle of fireworks years ago. It was the best forth of july we ever had. There was no problems . I know times have changed but if u r a responsible adult there shouldn’t be a problem.

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    I’am confused you say both parties must have 49cfr certificate to ship via UPS or FedEx. FedeX says both parties and then they say only shipper.
    please hlp clear this up for me


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