Auctane Acquires Packlink
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Auctane Acquires Packlink, Leading European Shipping Software

Auctane acquires leading European shipping platform Packlink after rebranding, making move into European eCommerce market

Auctane is wasting no time in the two weeks leading up to the New Year. Days ago (at the time of publishing this article), the company rebranded from to Auctane, changing its name in an effort to recognize the important of eCommerce to its core business. Shortly thereafter, Auctane announced that it has acquired leading European shipping platform Packlink.

Packlink Acquisition Gives Auctane Greater Foothold in European Markets

Packlink is a shipping platform that allows European customers to rate shop from different carriers and ship at deeply-discounted rates. Auctane has previously acquired other shipping software solutions that offer similar services, such as ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Endicia, and ShipWorks. However, this recent acquisition is significant because of one reason: Packlink is a European shipping software company.

Up until now, Auctane’s core business has been providing discounted shipping labels to individuals and small businesses located in the United States. This said, the trend to eCommerce continues growing worldwide, and compared to the United States shipping software landscape, the European market has remained (relatively) untapped. By acquiring Packlink, Auctane is gaining further foothold in capturing additional eCommerce market share overseas.

Hearing from Packlink

When speaking about the acquisition, Co-Founder and CEO of Packlink Ben Askew-Renaut provided the following quote:

“We are thrilled to join Auctane. As a world leader in providing great delivery experiences, Auctane shares our vision of facilitating online shipping around the world. Together, we offer extraordinary global delivery capabilities to e-commerce partners and businesses who rely on us to power their businesses.”

Some examples of carriers that Packlink offers postage from are UPS, DHL, DPD, Hermes, and more.

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