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Stripe Outage Wreaks Havoc Throughout the Internet

Payment processor Stripe goes down for a couple of hours on Wednesday, Internet-wide chaos ensues

Was your credit card declined at some point on Wednesday when trying to make a purchase online? If so, you’re not alone. The online payments processor company Stripe experienced nearly 2 hours of downtime in their API on Wednesday. The Stripe outage sparked a lot of unrest across the Internet, particularly amongst eCommerce websites that rely on online payments processors like Stripe to function.

Why the Stripe Outage Was Such a Problem

The Stripe Outage was an issue because hundreds of thousands of online businesses rely on Stripe’s payment processors every day. In fact, next to PayPal, Stripe is the most utilized online payments processor on the Internet.

The fact that the API outage occurred during peak business hours didn’t make matters any better. At 2:19 pm, the company’s handle @StripeStatus tweeted: “We’re currently investigating elevated error rates and response times with the API. We’ll post an update soon.”

Want to Keep an Eye Out for Future Outages?

Wednesday was a roller coaster for lots of businesses. The good news is, Stripe’s services are now all back online. Stripe’s dashboard and checkout uptimes are 99.999%, but Stripe’s API uptime has fallen to 99.901% as a result of today’s outage. This may seem like a tiny decline, but when you think of the millions of businesses and consumers that rely on Stripe, those tiny increments make a huge difference.

If you’d like to keep an eye on the company’s statuses at any point and monitor for future outages, feel free to visit the Stripe System status page.

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