USPS had the highest percentage of on-time deliveries this holiday season
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USPS Leads On-Time Deliveries for 2018 Holiday Season

USPS outperformed both UPS and FedEx at a whopping 98.8% on-time delivery rate

The results are in and they’re looking good! The 2018 holiday retail season was a smashing success, with eCommerce orders at the center of the frenzy. That means it was also a big time of year for all the shipping carriers. According to data provided by ShipMatrix, each of the three major carriers boasted improvement in their on-time delivery rates from last year. However, one carrier came out on top with the highest percentage: USPS.

Show Me the On-Time Delivery Percentages!

USPS‘ on-time delivery percentage was the highest, ringing in at a staggering 98.8%. This is a slight increase from their 98.2% rate in 2017.

UPS (NYSE:UPS) demonstrated the highest year over year percentage increase, up to 98.5% from 95.3% in 2017.

FedEx (NYSE: FDX) ended the holiday season in at last place, up slightly to 97.6% from 97.4% in 2017.

Changing the Public Perception of USPS

USPS beating out UPS and FedEx’s performance numbers is pretty ironic, since there still seems to be a common misconception that the Postal Service is slow. People keep throwing around the term “snail mail,” after all. Truth be told, USPS didn’t have the best tracking system in the past, which didn’t necessarily help its reputation. However, they’ve fixed that now, and it’s safe to say they’re crushing the competition! Numbers don’t lie, after all.

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