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EasyPost is a customizable API solution that gives eCommerce businesses more control and flexibility over their parcel shipping and logistics. The platform supports a huge variety of carriers, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, OnTrac and scores of others. They also provide order fulfillment services for businesses of all sizes at an extra monthly cost.


It’s important to note that EasyPost is strictly a shipping API, so they don’t have a user interface to buy postage online from a third-party postage provider. Users are able to purchase postage and track their orders like most other shipping software allows, but it requires a high level of coding and development knowledge. Therefore, EasyPost is best for super tech-savvy businesses and people building custom solutions. You can, however, use EasyPost with many third parties who already put a user interface around their powerful shipping engine, such as XPS Ship and Speed to Ship.

Potential customers should note that Easypost has also rolled out a new “Developer” plan, which allows for up to 10,000 free shipments per month with no markup. This high threshold allows new shippers to enjoy deep discounts on postage from multiple carriers without any additional charges as their eCommerce business gets started and grows.

For more information on why Easypost may be a good fit for your business, check out their overview brochure.

Feature Overview:

  • Create and print shipping labels
  • Track your packages with a huge selection of carriers
  • Insurance is available to purchase for a rate of 0.5% of total package value
  • CASS-certified global address verification with 99.8% accuracy rate
  • Browse more features


  • “Developer” plan allows for up to 10,000 shipments per month without any markup on the cost of postage
  • Normal subscription is “pay as you go,” starting at $0.01 per package for their Tracking API
    • Other services such as global address verification come with additional monthly fees
  • Platform supports over 100 shipping carrier options
  • Online support via email

Not sure if EasyPost is right for you?

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  1. Marsha W

    I posted several items of less value, last evening, just to see if it was easy to post and to see the outcome of the posting. I tried getting on the website today, and I can not pull up the website to check my postings. Furthermore, I will not be using this platform to sell or purchase items, since I can’t pull up the website. I was excited at first with the ease of posting, but not now. I will delete my postings, if I can get on the platform to do so.

  2. FalconK

    At some point they reduced their pricing further – 10,000 labels a month free and 5 cents a label after that. Pirateship must have forced them down. But there are some hidden fees (https://www.easypost.com/what-charges-may-i-face-if-i-am-using-a-free-developer-plan-account).

    Their API is reasonable – a bit complex, a bit poorly documented, but it works. My only issue with them is the account refill mechanic. You have to keep quite a bit of cash in your account with them to keep printing labels, which you have to pay by ACH, or you get hit with a 3% card processing fee. The ACH takes a while to clear and you can only use the postage after it does, so you’ll probably end up either paying the 3% fee a lot or keeping tons of cash on deposit with them.

  3. Diane

    I was charged over $200+ in fees for hacking attempts. Told Woo Commerce used 3rd party API’s that were not compatible with Easypost. I do not understand, but I guess these fees were API fees.

  4. Bill

    Great API based solution for shipping and logistics. I can verify addresses, track packages, buy labels, and buy insurance which actually pays out. As a dev, I love it.

  5. Ryan Kane

    I received a package in the mail from this Monthly Boxer as the sender. Opened it up and it had a note saying “Eat a Bag of Ducks” with a bunch of dick shaped candies. I don’t know anyone in Watertown NY. This is ridiculous and incredibly unprofessional. I believe one of your employees is doing this to mess with people. Please have a manager contact me.


    it is very good

  7. Amy Hazelrigg

    Dreadful service. My parcel was two days late. I had to stay home for the total of three days because the shipment required a signature, but then the driver said he didn’t need one. Worse, I got no response from GSO customer service until I had talked with SEVEN agents. The last one told me the district office in my home city wasn’t answering their calls, and no “delivery attempt” notices were ever put on my door DESPITE the company’s claim they had tried delivery three or four times. And why did they list Phoenix as a delivery location when the shipping address was Albuquerque?

  8. Richard C.

    Big fan here. Their API allows you to print shipping labels from all the major carriers instead of integrating separately with each one. Most of the carriers’ APIs are too clunky, a coding nightmare even for experienced developers. With Easypost, you can use one API integration to connect with all of the carriers and bypass integrating with each one directly.

  9. George

    Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a customizable API solution that lets your business print shipping labels/track packages/create return labels/etc. 1 cent per label is a small price to pay for the efficiency you enjoy from building one integration to connect with all the major carriers.


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