Popular with consumers and small businesses alike, Sendle is a private courier based in Australia that specializes in parcel delivery at low, flat rates. They also recently launched in the United States, although online USPS shipping software still provides an overall better deal.


Sendle is quickly growing in popularity amongst consumers and E-commerce businesses in Australia. In addition to delivering parcels throughout the country, Sendle also provides international shipping services at competitive rates. Each of their subscriptions also features free pick ups, package tracking, and built-in shipping insurance. Users can create a free account with their “Standard” subscription, which is perfect for everyday consumers sending a small amount of parcels. E-commerce businesses will need to spring for the “Pro” subscription in order to access their API. Customers should note that their flat-rate prices are lower for higher subscription tiers. Sendle’s prices are higher than the Australia Post. However, they offer better perks for E-commerce businesses shipping parcels, such as free integrations with most major marketplaces and shopping carts like eBay, WooCommerce and more.


  • Three levels of subscriptions: Standard, Premium, and Pro
    • “Standard” subscription is their free account, ideal for every consumers
    • “Pro” subscription includes their API solution (minimum 200 parcels per month)
  • Integrate with major marketplaces and shopping carts such as eBay, Shopify and more
  • Picks up from over 90% of Australian addresses
  • Contact form available on their website
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  1. Eliza

    The worst courier, after reading the above or below reviews, it has become very clear this is one of the worst courier, around I was waiting 7 days for a package to be collection I had contacted them via there support live chat morning and afternoon regarding the order and was told it was to be picked up that day, however that was not the case, it was only when i told them I would never be using there services again they did something, (Not much a refund for the shipping) however I also had to ask for the refund. I would recommend a different courier 1 million times DO NOT USE

  2. Chez Christian

    Cannot change or update your phone for CCS payment to our main office line that does take texting. And when entering zip code or city for receiver, does not work. And base on all the review, you pay for what you get.

  3. KL

    Shody customer service only interested in blaming the drivers from their 3rd party network. Exposed with CCTV footage the drivers were lying about collection, sendle didn’t care or have an escalation process. 1 out 16 parcels collected correctly. See ya sendle! Will be moving on thanks

  4. Peter

    A brilliant marketing company that appears to be run by a bunch of politicians. Don’t even come close to delivering the service they promise they will…. it’s all lies. Communication and customer service is awful… it’s like dealing with a belligerent two-year-old child.

  5. Greg Thompson

    Sendle website claims ‘best customer support’ …correction, read that as ‘worst customer support’.

  6. C

    Very disappointed in Sendle. Delay tactics for a lost package meant an angry customer, lost money, and product.
    I used Sendle via Ebay to send a package. I dropped if off on the 10th with an expected 3-5 day delivery time.
    By the 17th the customer was annoyed at the delay. I escalated to Sendle and they said it would be picked up that day. I ran (literally) down to the delivery hub to see what the status was and it was no longer there – some courier had picked it up.
    By the 23rd, when tracking still indicated ‘at the hub’ I re-escalted and they opened an investigation. I checked daily and was told by March 2nd they’d have a resolution. On March 2nd when I chased, they said they just started an investigation and updated the tracking. Part of that was to email the customer asking if they got it, and also re-re-asking the Hub if it was there. Literally the first steps that should be occurring. Oddly they asked me the race, gender, appearance of the courier that picked it up…They were clearly grasping at leads.
    The disappointing thing is, since the customer was already annoyed, or the Sendle email went to spam, and did not respond Sendle assumes it was received and does not pay out the insurance claim.

  7. L brown

    NEVER USE SENDLE OR COURIERS PLEASE , both are the worth
    Sendle has automated Responce to complaints , an lie that items are being returned to send , eventho parcel was deliverd to … wrong name , wrong address , wrong state , an wrong ph number , refused compo , 500 item , later offer 100,
    , it’s still ongoing , 16 day so far an item not found or delivered,,
    Couriers please , broke 2x $1000 French imported Chandaliers, they did compensate tho , but I was left with the problem of importing 2more , at least they had a ph number to call , unlike SENDLE , who are a total SCAM AN A JOKE

  8. Andre

    We used Sendle for 4 years for 99% of our ecommerce parcels (except remote and PO Boxes we did Aus Post) and only had one pickup issue in 4 years. It was anew driver and he worked it out after a day or two. Happy with them.

  9. Christo

    We closing in on nearly 4 weeks with the parcel not picked up?????


    Im getting verbally abused by the recipients and there is nothing I can do?

    Every time I just get the same response that it has been escalated but I can’t believe there is still no action taken here???

    What can I do???

  10. Alex

    Worst service ever! Don’t use this for your business. It will drag you down. Doesn’t come for pick up and no one answers from customer service. Wasted my entire week waiting for the driver until I ended up cancelling it. Will never use this again.

  11. bill

    Do Not use Sendle, the worst company to deal with. Pay more and use another, trust me.

  12. Cheyenne C.

    Signed up for sendle impulsively because I noticed how cheap sending parcel is, I added my card information (silly me) and noticed charges THE DAY OF on my bank account from Amazon. Quickly deleted my card information and account from this site and haven’t had a problem since. If you consider using sendle, please please please be careful!

  13. Malcolm

    I booked a collection from my house – 8 business days later and 3 chasings they suggested I cancel the task and drive it to the closest drop off centre – 21 kms down the road.
    Now it has been sitting with BP Heatherbrae (Sendle designated drop off location) for 12 workdays. I have been chasing every day and been promised a manager will phone me to no avail.
    Seriously the worst company I have ever dealt with!
    This company will not be around for long – save your time and sanity and use Australia Post.

  14. JR Black

    I work and live in a large complex that has a reception that is attended during business hours. This means that deliveries can be made even when I am not there. This usually works well and even AusPost can get it right.

    I recently made an online purchase only to find that it had been given to Sendle / Couriers Please (I cant work out which does what) for delivery. I knew that I would be away for a week but naively thought that a courier would be able to work out how to deliver an item to a reception area. No such luck.

    Sendle/Couriers Please made one attempt to deliver the item apparently couldn’t work out how to deliver it to reception and sent me a sms to tell me to collect the item from a depot “within five days” or else the item would be returned to sender. I am not nearby – I cant get to the depot in five days.

    Impossible to contact the courier – I get a “we are very busy at the moment, but will try and get back to you” type message.

    So now, the item will hopefully be returned to the sender. I will have to arrange with the sender to send the item back to me (using AusPost this time).

    This is not the first time that I have had a problem with this mob. Had I known that they were the preferred courier I would have either instructed the sender to use AusPost or I would not have made the online purchase.

    I would not recommend using Sendle/Couriers Please under any circumstances.

    More than a week of trying to contact Sendle and so far no response – its like there is nobody there – difficult to understand how to get assistance at all.

    And: No the parcel has still not been received. Right now, I dont even know where it is or how to get hold of it.

  15. Dan

    Sendle has zero customer service
    They have just “lost” 4 parcels that I sent to various customers.
    No refund or reimbursement
    No way to speak to a Sendle employee
    Will never use again

  16. Jack

    Sendle receive nothing
    Sendle are cheap because they use minimal staff and automated customer responses to void customer contact.
    Expected to receive a low value item, can’t believe the following actions would be viable,
    I believe this is an automated delaying tactic in the hope the item will show up, if not good luck if you can get Sendle to compensate READ THE REVIEWS
    Now Day 16 and still another 3 days to completed of investigation

    Day 10 Investigation launched
    Parcel has been reported as not received. We have started an investigation and depot search. National depot searches may take up to 5 business days to resolve. Further updates will appear real-time on this page.
    • Investigation launched.
    • Carrying out initial internal checks.
    • Interviewing the drivers and searching the local delivery vans.
    • Conducting searches of all loading bays and transit cages at the local depot.
    • Conducting searches of all national and regional depots around the country.
    Up to 2 business day
    • Final checks with the receiver before concluding the investigation.

    Day 4 Parcel Measured Parcel volume and weight checked on
    Day 2 In Transit Parcel in transit from Sydney Brisbane
    Day 2 In Transit Parcel processing at depot
    Day 2 Pickup Parcel picked up
    Day 1 Ready to Sendle Parcel order created.

    Sendle uses Fastway and Couriers Please to deliver so not really an fully operating courier company.

    Avoid all dealing with this company and anyone who uses this company or if a buyer only use Paypal so you can get your money back.

  17. Yousif

    Delivery driver stole/lost my $900 value gas heater and sendle refused to compensate me – WORST EXPERIECE EVER

    S4V6Y6B – Sendle driver picked up my expensive gas heater, after I paid delivery fess + extra for insurance cover.
    1 week later, no Tracking and no word of heater.
    When questioned Sendle (no phone support, but rather incompetent support from overseas call centre), they firstly denied picking up the heater.
    When produced security camera footage, they turned around to mention that the parcel was picked up and delivered already.
    They updated their tracking manually, but forgot to manufacture the details properly, so they showed that the parcel was picked up from VICTORIA and delivered to SYDNEY in 3 hours.
    They finally refused to honour the insurance cover I have paid for.
    I am out of pocket total of $700 + hours of frustration and time lost in following this up with no result and no one to answer for that.


  18. Elina Curry

    3 parcels was picked up at the same time 7 December all of them was going to the same address, 2 of them lost, and 1 still not delivered, maybe lost too. They launched investigation after few email enquiry, in every single email they promise how customers important to them, they will improve their service. Another parcel picked up 2 December still not delivered, they launched investigation for this too. Hopeless! They just lost me like a customer, I will go to Australia post, more expensive, but at least I can talk with someone. Sendle doesn’t have phone, only enquiry throw site. So if you want collapse ruin your business, this is way to go -use Sendle. I wish here will be minus 0 stars.

  19. Shad

    Completely unreliable. Not contactable by phone, only email to people who tell lies. Waited 4 days for a package to be picked up, was promised the world but was delivered nothing. Avoid.

  20. Brice

    These blokes pick up for free and deliver your parcels all throughout Australia! You can also track your packages and they’re all protected with insurance. Definitely recommend giving them a go.

    • Bluey

      This is a fake review

  21. Patti

    Best shipping solution for your eCommerce biz in Australia, it’s a bit more expensive but a great alternative to Aussie Post!


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