Popular with consumers and small businesses alike, Sendle is a private courier based in Australia that specializes in parcel delivery at low, flat rates.


Sendle is quickly growing in popularity amongst consumers and E-commerce businesses in Australia. In addition to delivering parcels throughout the country, Sendle also provides international shipping services at competitive rates. Each of their subscriptions also features free pick ups, package tracking, and built-in shipping insurance. Users can create a free account with their “Standard” subscription, which is perfect for everyday consumers sending a small amount of parcels. E-commerce businesses will need to spring for the “Pro” subscription in order to access their API. Customers should note that their flat-rate prices are lower for higher subscription tiers. Sendle’s prices are higher than the Australia Post. However, they offer better perks for E-commerce businesses shipping parcels, such as free integrations with most major marketplaces and shopping carts like eBay, WooCommerce and more.


  • Three levels of subscriptions: Standard, Premium, and Pro
    • “Standard” subscription is their free account, ideal for every consumers
    • “Pro” subscription includes their API solution (minimum 200 parcels per month)
  • Integrate with major marketplaces and shopping carts such as eBay, Shopify and more
  • Picks up from over 90% of Australian addresses
  • Contact form available on their website
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  1. Patti

    Best shipping solution for your eCommerce biz in Australia, it’s a bit more expensive but a great alternative to Aussie Post!

  2. Brice

    These blokes pick up for free and deliver your parcels all throughout Australia! You can also track your packages and they’re all protected with insurance. Definitely recommend giving them a go.


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