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ShipMonk’s software focuses on providing order fulfillment and inventory management to E-commerce businesses. In that regard, ShipMonk acts more as a global fulfillment center than a third-party postage provider. However, they do provide discounted postage from a variety of carriers. In addition, ShipMonk boasts a huge number or marketplace and store integrations. Such examples include 3dcart, LemonStand, Squarespace, Magento, WooCommerce and more.


If your E-commerce business can no longer keep up order fulfillment, ShipMonk may be a nice solution for you. However, some customers complain that the software isn’t very intuitive and express the desire for more marketplace integrations. It’s also important to note that their pricing is scaled based on how many orders you receive. In general, it may make more sense to maintain in-house fulfillment if your E-commerce business is just starting out. That way, you’ll have more control over quality and you’ll learn exactly what your business needs to run smoothly. You can also find better postage discounts with other shipping software options out there. Therefore, we suggest thinking twice before you start outsourcing fulfillment.

Feature Overview:


  • Fulfillment is completely scalable
    • Their fulfillment operation grows alongside your business as it expands
  • Specialized order fulfillment for crowdfunding campaigns
    • Automatically integrate into Kickstarter and IndieGoGo
  • 24/7 customer support from a live service representative

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  1. Hans

    Shipmonk has stupid high shipping. I have products that cost up to $100 to ship and they split it into two shipments AND charge the fulfillment fee for each. Which ends up being an additional $9. You will be paying the fulfillment fee monthly whether you ship the items or not. These fees are the same price as the storage fees so storage is double the price they say it is. Another thing about storage is that the allowable height of a pallet is on the lower side meaning they charge more than you can find elsewhere per pallet.

    When I started with them, they would reply to my emails and tickets within 24 hrs and now it takes them 4+ days. Many of the questions I ask them are for customers of mine (sometimes shipping delays and even not receiving). And then I often end up just giving my customers their money back While I wait for Shipmonk’s reply.

    I found a company that has cheaper storage (larger pallets for same monthly fee) plus they don’t charge the additional fulfillment fees AND they don’t have a minimum monthly order. (The storage is literally half the price)

    And a HUGE advantage of this new company is the amazingly lower shipping cost. This $100 Shipping cost plus $9 fulfillment fees through Shipmonk is now only costing me a total of $30 with this new company – that includes fulfillment! (Went from $109 to $30)

    I unfortunately still have products in their warehouse and being charged a stupid amount. I have paid this other fulfillment company to pick them up. I will still need to pay Shipmonk a large amount on top of that for this other company to pick them up.

    Do not go with Shipmonk!!!

  2. M

    We could not be more disappointed in ShipMonk’s service, it seemed like every order received or sent out was miscounted drastically. I could not recommend them less.

  3. Tori N.

    The money you spend on ShipMonk will be well worth the time you save from picking and packing yourselves. And you also get discounted shipping labels. Haven’t had any problems since we started using them months ago!

  4. Preston

    User interface is simple and takes the guesswork out of order management/fulfillment. They handle all our boxes with real care! We rest easy knowing our subscribers receive their boxes on time and in excellent condition.

  5. Ron

    ShipMonk makes it easy to track orders, manage your inventory and monitor shipments all from the dashboard. It would be incredible if they made a mobile app but maybe that’s just wishful thinking

  6. Trevor W.

    Integrated with my Shopify store in no time. Love how easy the software is and that I don’t have to sweat fulfillment and shipping anymore.


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