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Founded in 2009, ShipSaver is a shipping SaaS that allows users to buy and print discounted shipping labels as well as purchase discounted shipping insurance.


ShipSaver offers discounted labels and insurance to eCommerce merchants. In addition, they offer discounted insurance through a backend partnership with Shipsurance. However, their software currently only integrates with eBay, Etsy and Shopify. It is free to use, but potential clients should be wary of postage markups. Also, there are lots of negative reviews from users in the eBay selling community. ShipSaver don’t seem to offer the crucial USPS mail class Priority Mail Cubic like some other SaaS option do. Therefore, we suggest you look through other shipping software alternatives. There are more robust solutions out there that offer the ability to ship Cubic, and also automatically insure your domestic parcels up to $100 when you ship with USPS at no extra cost.

Feature Overview:

  • Discounts on shipping labels and insurance
  • Auto-import sales from eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify
  • Print bulk labels and insure bulk shipments
  • Browse more features


  • Software is free to use (but look out for markups)
  • Access USPS Commercial Plus Pricing rates
  • Contact form and email available on their website
    • Phone support also available during normal business hours

Not sure if ShipSaver is right for you?

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  1. Mark

    Bush league website does not instill confidence. Things simply don’t work as one may expect. Requires funds to be deposited first instead of being charged for each label printed. Insurance rates are much lower than Shipcover, but the savings is not worth the frustration dealing with this non sense.

  2. Jen

    See the used to be ok, used to be great actually, but ever since they stopped the ability print shipping Labels Around Dec 2019/Jan 2020 and then progressively kept raising deposit amounts (so no per package rates for smaller shippers) all Culminating to the point that it’s not worth spending a $25, or a $50 deposit to insure a package At .80 cents. 80 CENTS per package! And the May demand a $50 deposit regardless of package size or worth.
    Just so they can keep your cash in their bank unfortunately it isn’t worth it for smaller volume sellers anymore!


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