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Founded just in 2013 and marketing themselves as an “eBay alternative,” Truegether is an E-commerce platform where users can buy and sell goods at competitive prices.


Truegether markets themselves as a free-to-use eBay alternative. In that sense, users can both buy and sell products online. Sellers can publish their eBay listings to Amazon (and vice versa), as well as add products to their Facebook pages. However, the platform hasn’t really taken off since its creation. In addition, the user interface is extremely clunky and out of date. If you’re looking to buy or sell items online, we suggest sticking with eBay. There’s a reason they are still the giant of marketplace E-commerce between individual buyers and sellers.

Feature Overview:

  • Multi-channel inventory management
    • Publish eBay listings to Amazon and publish Amazon listings to eBay
  • Add products directly or import listings from other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon
  • Ship products with a variety of shipping carrier options such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and more
    • Includes tracking information
  • Two payment processors: PayPal and Amazon Payments
  • Browse more features


  • Free to use
    • Truegether offers two subscription plans: Free and Premium. Both subscription plans feature no monthly fees, but the Premium plan forces users to choose a transaction fee of at least 4%
  • Leverage Facebook commerce by adding products to your page or wall
  • Contact form available on their website
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  1. Li

    STAY AWAY!!! This is some kind of fake site. OUR company’s products are listed on this site but there’s no way they actually have our stuff!!!

  2. bren hutchinson

    Seller will not respond to emails and no way to leave feedback… this one is a HARD pass, especially seller called MSM ALL.

  3. Marsha W

    My first time to list on this TrueGether. I only listed two items, as I didn’t know if this is a quality selling platform. I have not been able to get on this platform ever since I listed. I will not list anything else, nor will I purchase anything.

  4. Susie

    Shipping cost was horrific, but i was desperate..item came from amazon..what the hell?

  5. Hamy Mlo

    I ordered vitamins last two weeks, but I never received it. Sellers said “The order will arrive in 2 to 9 business days “. What is wrong with this business!!!

  6. Tabitha Hodge

    I still haven’t receive my order, since ordering on January 4th.
    Customer service is no help

  7. Carl

    Customer service sucks place and order for 3 cases of Starbucks only received 1 over10 emails no resolution

  8. Jon Conkey

    You the service. Selected shipping price on website, during checkout the price triple to $36.+ for 6 oz. USPS Parcel Select, emailed support, seller was a grifter and admitted he overcharged me purposely. Avoid this site, chargeback, file c.c. complaint.

  9. Joe Heslin

    I placed an order for some vitamins.
    The price was awfully high, and the cost of shipping was outrageous, but my wife needed these, so oh well.

    The vitamins didn’t show up when expected.
    There was conflicting information on who was used for shipping, and a tracking number was never provided.

    I sent an email to the seller questioning the whole thing and didn’t receive any response until customer service stepped in and twice asked the seller to respond to my inquiry.

    I told customer service that since the product hadn’t been delivered, and the seller hadn’t responded that I just wanted my money back.

    The seller finally chimed in saying there were no refunds, and he would check with the shipper to see where the package was and if it could be delivered.
    Being as this should only take seconds to minutes to do, after 8 hours without an update, I again told customer service and the seller that I no longer wanted the product and wanted my money refunded, or I would file a claim with paypal to get it back.

    Very late that evening, the money was returned to paypal.
    I will say this place appears to have caring customer service, but I most likely won’t be ordering from here again.

    As a side note, I write product reviews for almost everything I purchase online.
    I’m also sought out from time to time by sellers to try out products and write reviews.
    After doing this for a number of years, I can spot solicited or fake reviews from a mile away.

    Reading reviews on Trust pilot after this whole thing was said and done, I can tell that most of the positive reviews are nothing more than solicited bunk.

    Be very careful ordering from Truegether, and above all, use paypal so you have a leg to stand on if things go south.

    • Lulu

      I can say I should’ve read your review before purchasing from these people I will file a chargeback with my cc company tomorrow. No communication and its been a week

  10. Jeff

    This has actually been a pretty decent alternative ebay selling site for us. In the past few months we’ve had more sales from than we have had from other more established Ebay alternatives such as Ecrater or Bonanaza.

    • Rita

      Purchased product and still have not received. Customer service sucks and will not help. I’ve sent several emails without any response back. I’m going to get my $73 one way or another. This is absurd and no way a business should act by taking your money and not fulfilling your product. The people that ship out these items rip you off, don’t purchase anything. Stick with companies you know. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB. Read reviews carefully before purchasing.

  11. John

    It’s not that bad, but I don’t see any reason to list products here. They’re trying to pull customers away from eBay…which is never gonna happen.

  12. Deavion

    Website looks really janky, I thought this was supposed to be a relatively new company?

  13. Philip H.

    Ordered some stuff on here without paying too much attention and they were all knockoffs. The deeper I looked into it pretty much every item on this site is a knockoff of some sort. Just stick to eBay.


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