What is Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping?

Learn about less than truckload shipping and what kind of shipments it's typically used for
less than truckload shipping
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Less Than Truckload (or LTL, as it’s commonly called) is a type of freight shipping designed for shipments larger than parcels but not big enough to require the space of a full truckload trailer. LTL is typically used for shipments that weigh anywhere from 150 to 15,000 pounds. Typically, eCommerce businesses won’t make much use of LTL shipping, since their products tend to be in smaller parcels. For eCommerce businesses shipping smaller parcels, it’s a much cheaper (and quicker) choice to ship Priority Mail Cubic with USPS.

Less Than Truckload vs. Partial vs. Full

One step “above” LTL, Partial Truckload gives the option to split the cost of a full trailer with other shippers. Think of it like ride sharing for a semi truck. Understandably, this method often results in cost savings. This is popular choice amongst businesses with shipments weighing over 5,000 pounds or taking up 6 pallets.

Full Truckload, on the other hand, describes moving bulk or pallet loads that justify the use of an entire semi-trailer. These types of shipments often weigh well over 15,000 pounds, and this particular method usually ends up being more cost effective than shipping LTL.

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