What Is the Best Way to Print Shipping Labels?

Our suggestions on how to best print 4x6 shipping labels at home
best way to print shipping labels
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Printing your own shipping labels is the cornerstone of online shipping and eCommerce…and it’s actually pretty easy! There are a number of printer and paper combinations you can use to print postage, and most of them will do just fine. However, we’ve outlined what we think are the easiest and best ways to print shipping labels from the comfort of your own home!

Suggestion #1: Using a Label Printer and Adhesive 4×6 Labels

Our first suggestion (and our favorite way to print shipping labels) is to use a label printer. These types of printers are specifically designed for printing 4×6 labels, which is highly convenient. Purchasing one will be an upfront investment, sure, but you’ll realize it’s worth every penny once you start using it.

There are a variety of options out there, but we far and away recommend the Brother QL-810W. We’ve printed a whole lot of shipping labels in our time, and this one is simply the best.

Don’t forget the paper! If you go with the Brother, you’ll need to purchase compatible 2×7″ labels, which you can pick up on Amazon for roughly $15.

Suggestion #2: Using a Regular Printer and Standard Computer Paper

The second way to go about printing your own shipping labels is to use a standard printer and good old fashioned computer paper. You can print your postage just like any other document, and most shipping software allows you to print two labels per sheet. Once printed out, you can simply cut the label with scissors, tape it to your package, and you’ll be all set! Pretty easy, right?

This way is quite easy and popular amongst beginner shippers. Still, if you choose to go this route, you may want to pick up some half-sheet sticker paper anyway (the 4×6″ label size). Cutting labels and taping them to every package gets old after a while. Trust us.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Package Weight, Dimensions, and the Address Info

Being able to print your own shipping labels doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t doing it correctly! If you make a mistake on your label, you’ll need to start from scratch and request a refund from USPS for the unused label. Don’t let that happen!

The best way to avoid mistakes whenever you buy postage online is to double-check that everything is correct. Here’s a quick three-point checklist that you can go through each time you get ready to purchase a label:

  • Is all the “Ship From” and “Ship To” address information correct?
  • Did you correctly enter your package’s dimensions?
  • Did you correctly enter your package’s total weight?

Remember: the price you pay for postage is determined by the total distance your package is traveling, the outer dimensions, and the total weight. If you can answer “yes” to all three of these above questions, you’re ready to print out your label. Happy shipping!

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