What is UPS SurePost?

Learn about UPS SurePost, an economical UPS service that leans on USPS for last mile delivery
UPS SurePost

Similar to FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost is UPS’ ground delivery service that can deliver parcels to United States residences. Since USPS is the only shipping carrier legally allowed to deliver to every residential address in the country, SurePost eventually uses USPS for last mile delivery.

Why Use UPS SurePost?

Small businesses sometimes opt for SurePost because of the cost saving benefits. Customers can save between 50 cents and a dollar per parcel with SurePost. However, it comes at a price: slow delivery. Delivery often takes between 10-12 days, which will result in a lot of your customers wondering where their packages are. Customer support tickets will flood in, and that will distract you from running your business. In essence, while there may be savings on front end, you end up paying for it on the backend. Therefore, we find that shipping with USPS from end to end will always be the better choice to begin with.

Remember, most shipping software solutions let you access USPS Commercial Pricing rates. Commercial Pricing represents the deepest level of postage discounts that the Postal Service offers. This will keep your shipping costs low, and you can rest easy knowing your parcels will arrive at their final destinations within USPS’ quick delivery timeframes.

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