What is UPS SurePost?

Learn about UPS SurePost, an economical UPS service that leans on USPS for last mile delivery
UPS SurePost
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Similar to FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost is UPS’ ground delivery service that can deliver parcels to United States residences. Since USPS is the only shipping carrier legally allowed to deliver to every residential address in the country, SurePost eventually uses USPS for last-mile delivery.

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Why Use UPS SurePost?

Small businesses sometimes opt for SurePost because of the cost-saving benefits. Customers can save between 50 cents and a dollar per parcel with SurePost, which can add up to significant savings when sending out lots of packages. However, it comes at a price: slow delivery. Delivery often takes between 10-12 days, which will result in a lot of your customers wondering where their packages are. Customer support tickets will flood in, and that will distract you from running your business. In essence, while there may be savings on the front end, you end up paying for it on the back end. Therefore, we find that shipping with USPS from end to end will always be a better choice, to begin with.

Remember, most shipping software solutions let you access USPS Commercial Pricing rates. Commercial Pricing represents the deepest level of postage discounts that the Postal Service offers. This will keep your shipping costs low, and you can rest easy knowing your parcels will arrive at their final destinations within USPS’ quick delivery timeframes.

UPS Ground is an Affordable Option with Faster Delivery

If you want to stick with UPS services, then regular UPS Ground might be worth ponying up the extra money for. It might cost a few cents more than SurePost at first glance, but UPS Ground offers much faster service. In fact, UPS Ground is faster than now than it has been in the past. In our experience, UPS will often will deliver Ground packages quicker than their air-based service 3-Day Select (depending on where you’re shipping to)! Generally speaking, the closer your package’s destination is to you, the quicker UPS will deliver Ground shipments.

Plus, there is a way to score special savings on UPS Ground shipments that will make them even more affordable than SurePost. We’re about to get into that below.

Offset UPS Shipping Costs With Online Shipping Software

For any shipper out there who isn’t aware of this, allow us to change your life: you can save money on every single shipment when you use online shipping software to buy discounted labels. Most shipping software options offer discounted postage from both USPS and UPS. Every service that either carrier offers is available to choose from, including UPS Ground. In fact, the best shipping software companies offer UPS Ground labels for up to 78% less than it costs at the UPS Store.

With the savings you get from online shipping software, UPS Ground labels actually end up costing less than UPS SurePost. On top of the savings, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of faster delivery. You’re still paying for regular UPS Ground service, after all…just at a much cheaper price. If that’s not a win/win situation, we don’t know what is!

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  1. Debbie Dunn

    I had 2 packages from kohls that sure post delivered. They said they delivered it at the front door which is 200 yard from the road and my mail box is across the road in the ditch. I looked everywhere for the package only to find it in the ditch across the road and the delivery person was stupid enough to take a picture of it in the ditch. This is unacceptable to me and should be to any business. I will consider if I will order from kohls again.


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