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Quickbox Fulfillment is a fulfillment center based in Denver, Colorado. They call themselves “the world’s leader in internet marketing direct-to-consumer fulfillment.” Focusing on fulfillment for E-commerce businesses, Quickbox integrates with several marketplaces and shopping carts such as 3dcart, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Volusion and more.


Quickbox Fulfillment’s name is appropriate—they are indeed quick! They pick, pack and ship out orders the same day they come in (as long as they come in before 2 pm MST). In addition, their order accuracy error rate is less than 0.02%, which is even lower than Amazon’s. They also provide clients with custom packaging and labeling. Another cool perk is that Quickbox is open 7 days a week, unlike a lot of fulfillment centers. While a company like Quickbox Fulfillment can be a great partner for outsourcing fulfillment, their services don’t come cheap. If your E-commerce business is just getting started, we think it’s a good idea to keep up in-house fulfillment as long as you can. You’ll save money, and you’ll get an in-depth understanding of what your business needs when the time eventually comes to start outsourcing fulfillment.

Feature Overview:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as warehousing, kitting, pick and pack, inventory management and more
  • Custom branded packaging and labeling
  • Full returns processing
  • Browse more features


  • Quickbox offers wholesale skincare products, nutritional supplements, and beard/hair care products for new entrepreneurs looking to build their own brand without having to invest in inventory
    • They provide the products and customize the labels for clients
  • Committed to uplifting the community and extending career opportunities to those who need “a second chance”
    • New US immigrants, disabled Veterans, ex-convicts recently released from prison, and homeless individuals
  • Phone and email support available on their website
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  1. Sherry DiMarco

    Quick box DOES NOT care about its employees or their families. My relative passed away and they could care less. They don’t train you well and get annoyed when you ask for help. My bereavement request was denied.

  2. Jessica

    QuickBox lives up to their brand promise- fast, friendly, accurate. They get our products out the door and into our customer’s hands quickly and correctly. We work with Jason, our client service representative on a daily bases. He responds to up when we need him, in the moment. A great partnership!

  3. Kate

    These guys are a huge extension of our business, couldn’t do it without them. Quickbox created packaging for our boxes and integrated into our Volusion dashboard, they pick and pack our orders right when they come in and ship them out the same day! Excellent customer support, too. Can’t say enough good things about this company.

  4. Calvin

    The whole team at Quickbox seems to really care about your business and go above and beyond to help you. Their same day shipping has done leaps and bounds for our business!


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