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ShipHero is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that helps E-commerce businesses streamline their warehouse and fulfillment operations. ShipHero’s software is built for managing large amounts of inventory and digital pick and pack. In addition, they boast a wide selection of marketplace and carrier integrations. Some examples include USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, 3dcart, Magento, Shopify and many more.


If your E-commerce business is struggling to keep up with order fulfillment and inventory management, ShipHero may be a nice solution. Users rave about how easy the mobile app is to operate. However, ShipHero is quite expensive. Prices start at $499 per month per user, and that doesn’t include the price of postage. Also, it’s critical to note that their base level subscription doesn’t support Magento. On top of the high monthly cost, they also add markups on postage that you should be on the lookout for. ShipHero advertises that you’ll “get the cheapest label with each order” by using their platform, but there are other shipping software options out there that will give you better postage discounts—especially when it comes to shipping with USPS.

Feature Overview:

  • Sync all your inventory from all your marketplaces and stores in one place
    • Connect an unlimited number of sales channels
  • Create and print shipping labels from a huge selection of carriers
    • Choose to print in bulk or one by one
  • Reduce errors and speed up pick and pick with their barcode management
  • Browse more features


  • Magento not supported with their base level “Startup Business” subscription
  • Incredibly intuitive user interface
  • Apple users can download their app on iPhones and iPads
  • Live chat support during normal business hours
    • Email support is also available on their website

Not sure if ShipHero is right for you?

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  1. Anthony M.

    Was super easy to integrate it into my BigCommerce store. This is the best warehouse management system out there, bar none. I downloaded the iOS app so I can run the entire backend of my business off my iPad, which is pretty cool. User interface is outstanding, rate shopping is easy, and any time you need help the support team gets back to you on live chat right away. We’d be lost without these guys!

  2. Sofia

    ShipHero’s customer support team goes out of their way to make shipping super easy on you. 5 stars!

  3. Greg

    Super easy to integrate with Shopify. Inventory management system is legit. Printing labels is seamless and you save a ton of money. Nicholas and the whole team are top notch when it comes to customer service. Worth every penny, IMO.

  4. Jamie

    cool software but expensive as hell….


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