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SmartShyp is a relatively new web-based solution designed to lift the burden of shipping off of E-commerce retailers. They boast a wide variety of marketplace integrations, such as Bonanza, Big Cartel, Etsy, OpenCart, Squarespace and more. SmartShyp also has several new integrations coming to the platform soon, such as Storenvy and


SmartShyp’s software is simple, sleek, and easy to use. It is free to sign up, and free to use for up to 50 shipping labels per month. They advertise “the best postage discounts” across several shipping carrier options, with up to 70% off retail rates. However, you should be careful of postage markups applied during the process. Therefore, you can still find even deeper discounts on postage with other shipping software.

Feature Overview:

  • Integrate to any marketplace or store you use to sell your products
  • Choose between batch printing or print labels one by one
  • Receive real-time notifications when you make a sale and when your customers receive your packages
    • All your orders are tracked, categorized, and organized neatly on the platform
  • Browse more features


  • No monthly subscription
  • Free for up to 50 shipping labels per month
  • Automate your orders to import them in real-time
    • You can also upload orders via CSV files or create manual orders
  • Nice amount of resources and phone support during normal business hours

Not sure if SmartShyp is right for you?

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  1. Cheryl Johnson

    Finally software that doesn’t throttle orders and that can handle higher volume. We’re able to batch and build edit thousands of orders on one screen with SmartShyp and I have found their live support very helpful. We’ve tried every software on this app all of which have only allowed us to work with 50 to maybe 500 orders at a time. Yes, I have to pay for the service but it’s well worth the value add we weren’t getting elsewhere.. btw: I’m shipping 600-2,500 orders per day for my company and I’m paid on orders shipped so time is literally money with my pay structure. I highly recommend these guys

  2. Harry

    We recently started using SmartShyp with hopes of making shipping easier. To be honest, shipping was a terrible experience for us. Manually creating and printing labels. Ugh. A friend recommended SmartShyp and it was super easy to set up. They have really cheap USPS rates. Plus I’m spending way less time shipping my t-shirts now. I called and spoke with Jason (highly recommend!) and he help us set up automations so that new t-shirt orders are automatically set to process with the right carrier options. SmartShyp is an incredible value for a small company like us.

  3. Roland

    I think this service is best for people shipping out niche items here and there and not necessarily fully functioning E Commerce businesses. We tried it out because it was some of the best discounts we found, but the service is only free for up to 50 labels a month which we ran out of in the first day. Then you have to pay for it. Not bad software, but Pirate Ship gives better discounts and is free

  4. Ericka

    I love that I get notifications when a customer purchases something AND when they finally receive it! It’s relatively new software, so there’s some bugs here and there. Other than that, SmartShyp holds up. Has definitely saved me a lot of money on shipping labels.

  5. Raegan

    Great shipping discounts for my little trinkets I sell on Bonanza!


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