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XPS Ship is a free web-based shipping software solution that lets users print shipping labels from multiple shipping carriers at discounts. Their software integrates with most eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Etsy, PrestaShop, OpenCart and more. As of July 2021, XPS Ship partnered with Easypost to access their API, label and tracking functionality, batching, and SCAN form creation features.


Overall, XPS Ship is a fine shipping solution. Their software integrates into all major marketplaces, and users can print shipping labels individually and in batches. XPS Ship’s rates are where it starts to get a bit tricky. XPS Ship advertises themselves as “simply the lowest shipping rates around.” Their rates are indeed low when you stack them up against other shipping software providers, but in reality, they aren’t the lowest around. Potential users should note that XPS Ship makes money by adding markups on services such as First Class Package and Priority Mail Cubic. Therefore, we suggest looking into other free shipping solutions out there like that add ZERO markups and charge no hidden fees. That way, you’ll save the most money on shipping with USPS.

Feature Overview:

  • Print individual and batch shipping labels
  • Integrate with all major online stores and marketplaces
  • Compare rates across multiple shipping carriers
  • Address verification
  • Browse more features


  • Partnered with Easypost
  • Software is free to use
    • Those interested can sign up and receive a free demo of their software
  • Access Commercial Plus Pricing, but potentially with markup.
  • Call the phone number on their website to speak to a live customer service representative
    • Contact form and email support also available

Not sure if XPS Ship is right for you?

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    I have been using this portal for about 3 years. At first, they had some bugs now and then but in the last year, I have not seen a glitch in the shipping portal. It is so easy to use and you pay nothing for the service, in fact, you save money by using them. I highly recommend this company to anyone who does a lot of shipping and needs to get things done fast. Darren, American Windshield Repair Systems.

  2. Simon

    They Stole $8000 from my company and are refusing to pay.
    DO NOT send them any money they will steal it by closing down your account and refusing to talk to you.
    Now lawyers are involved

  3. fred

    I have been using this software for over 3 years. It has it’s problems where servers will go down and you can’t print labels. It had been fine until recently when they completely shut down our shipping service for over due payment. They have been drawing from our bank account every week so surely i thought this was an error. I called and they said they would send me information regarding the over due payments. two days of not being able to ship and still waiting for this email with the statements they call me to tell me whoops. we messed up. your account is ok please proceed. Instead of contacting me to figure out the issue, they went straight to shutting my operation down only to tell me they made a mistake. Not the type of business i would work with.

  4. Megan morales

    Took $500 from my account without notice 5 months after I cancelled the account. Refuses to tell me when/if I will get a refund. Doesn’t return my phone calls or emails, doesn’t communicate. Doesn’t care that my small business needs this money. Claims USPS is holding my funds yet cant produce any files on it. Said it can take the money because my account wasn’t “cancelled” yet I have no access to the online portal to check my account. This place is an absolute joke.

  5. Ernie

    Been using them for several years now. I havent found anything better. They are FREE to use where other sites charge to use their service. They offer the BEST RATES. Again, couldnt find anything better. They have their small hick-ups every once in a while when they are doing updates, but they are minor and usually fixed quickly. No plans on leaving.

  6. mike

    Pretty easily navigated website. Some learning curve involved and some slightly non-intuitive pathways. Quite good and easy to set up integration with spreadsheet data import and export functionality. Good pricing, below standard rates. We use it for USPS, and have saved a fair amount of money. Also, the customer service is very reachable and responsive.

    • Rodrigo

      I used to use this site to ship packages thru another shipper (ASENDIA), but I ended put credit on my XPS account ($200), used around $20 and requested a refund of the balance ($150, yeah they needed to hold $30) on august. Until now I did not receive my money from them, called a bunch of times and they always say that the check (why not a simple bank transfer?) was on the way, but I never received. But from now on, they gonna talk with my lawyer, cause this company just robbed my money. CRAP COMPANY

  7. Lisa M.

    Their cubic pricing has saved me so much money on shipping my subscription boxes, would highly recommend!

  8. Mohammed

    Flexible software, great shipping prices. 5 stars!

  9. Denise

    Super easy to use and awesome prices! Started using XPS a couple of months ago and have already saved a good amount of money, highly recommend


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