Which Carrier is Best for Emergency Delivery?

Learn which major carrier is the best choice for carrying out emergency deliveries around the world
Emergency Delivery
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Every so often, you may need to have a package delivered as soon as possible. In this case, you’ll want to use an emergency delivery service. While all of the major carriers offer express shipping services, one in particular stands about above the rest when it comes to delivering packages in a pinch.

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UPS is the Best Carrier for Emergency Delivery

Hands down, UPS is the premier carrier for an emergency delivery. UPS offers a specific service called UPS Express Critical, which is the most reliable emergency delivery service in the industry. With UPS Express Critical, customers are able to have UPS deliver a package within a 24-hour period pretty much anywhere around the world (excluding some countries).

FedEx is Another (More Expensive) Option

FedEx also provides ample overnight and express delivery services. However, Fedex’s comparable services are almost always more expensive than the ones UPS offers. This said, if you don’t have access to a UPS Store near you, FedEx is another perfectly fine option. Just keep in mind that you’ll likely need to shell out more money.

For more information on how UPS and FedEx’s rates compare to each other, check out our guest post on ShipBob, entitled: USPS vs UPS vs FedEx: Which is the Best Shipping Carrier?

Should I Use USPS Priority Mail Express for Emergency Deliveries?

While USPS is the premier carrier for most handheld eCommerce shipments, it’s not the best choice for having a package delivered in an emergency.

The fastest service the U.S. Postal Service offers is USPS Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail Express typically features overnight service to most urban locations (and 2-day delivery to rural areas). When stacked up with the fastest services from each carrier, Priority Mail Express is the cheapest one you’ll come across. Due to this, a lot of shippers opt to use this service for overnight and emergency deliveries. However, USPS isn’t as reliable as guaranteed-delivery services like the ones that UPS and FedEx offer. So, when you’re in a pinch and need to a carrier to rely on, UPS is still the best bet. It’s worth paying the extra money for the added peace of mind!

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