UPS Launches Free Plug-Ins
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UPS Launches Free Plug-Ins to eCommerce Platforms

UPS launches free plug-ins for shippers who use Woocommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart to host stores and sell products

Online sellers are about to have even more choices to meet their customers’ shipping needs. In a bid to capture more share of the online shipping market, UPS recently launched free plug-ins in four new eCommerce platforms. These plug-ins will allow sellers to manage multiple aspects of shipping and fulfillment through UPS, all without having to leave the backend of their eCommerce store. The platforms that UPS rolled these plug-ins out for are Woocommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop.

The Perks of UPS Launching Shipping Plug-Ins for eCommerce Sellers

The offering of these free UPS plug-ins is part of what UPS calls the company’s Digital Access Program. UPS’ Digital Access Program natively integrates the company’s services into popular eCommerce platforms, and provides discounted shipping rates to users.

Sellers on these four aforementioned platforms will enjoy the following benefits from UPS’ plug-ins:

  • Label printing within the platforms themselves, including batch printing
  • Full control over shipping rates displayed to online shoppers
  • Presentation of accurate, scheduled delivery times to shoppers during checkout
  • Access to real-time tracking information
  • Discounted shipping rates up to 55% off retail prices

In essence, these new UPS plug-ins provide all the standard perks of any online free shipping software.

USPS Currently Dominates the eCommerce Shipping Market, and UPS Wants More

UPS launching free plug-ins for these eCommerce platforms is clearly a move to gain market share in the growing eCommerce shipping world. A lot of eCommerce platforms have partnered with shipping carriers to offer their own competitive shipping rates. For example, Etsy and Shopify make it easy for eCommerce retailers to ship at highly discounted USPS rates without ever having to leave the platform.

Currently, the US Postal Service has the largest share of eCommerce package volume. However, this recent move on UPS’ behalf is indicative of a company-wide push to shift focus to small and mid-sized eCommerce businesses…which is the Postal Service’s bread and butter.

Kevin Warren, UPS’ chief marketing officer, said the following on the importance of leaning into the growing Commerce market:

“As the retail industry rapidly transforms, UPS continues to find new ways to make its industry-leading services more accessible. With UPS’s Digital Access Program, we’re leveling the eCommerce playing field for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.”

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