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Ordoro’s app-based shipping software boasts hundreds of integrations with marketplaces, shopping carts, and fulfillment center services. Some examples of marketplace integrations include 3dcart, Magento, LemonStand and more. Ordoro also advertises an open API, which allows you to fully customize your shipping solution to fit your needs.


Ordoro is a fine solution if your small business sells products across multiple channels. Ordoro’s platform allows you to manage your marketplaces, shopping carts, and shipping accounts all in one place. However, $299/month is a steep starting price for the standard plan. Ordoro also claims to have the “best-in-industry USPS rates,” but their USPS discounts only reach up to 67%. You can get deeper discounts with other shipping software options out there.

Feature Overview:

  • Compare rates between USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and DHL
  • Unlimited orders and sales channel integrations
  • Create custom automation rules for all your imported orders
  • Add your logo to shipping labels
    • You can also create personalized customer notes for each order
  • Browse more features


  • Free trial version available
  • Built-in barcode scanning helps you to prevent packing mistakes
    • You can choose to scan orders in batches, or one by one
  • “Express” subscription available for only $59/month
    • Doesn’t include inventory management and API solution
  • 5-star rated phone support during business hours

Not sure if Ordoro is right for you?

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  1. Jonathan

    The ability to manage all your orders in one place from all your sales channels is UNPARALLELED!! Not to mention the big shipping label discounts. Would absolutely recommend

  2. kevin

    inventory mgmt and fulfillment software at its finest

  3. Clinton J.

    The software is simple and it’s a great all in one solution for your inventory management and shipping needs. Customer service has your back!

  4. Jessica

    Our startup decided to give Ordoro a try after a good friend and mentor recommended it to me. I had never done inventory management before and at first I was a bit intimidated by the thought, but Ordoro makes it so easy! The software allows us to sell our products across several channels, and we can monitor all our inventory on one dashboard. Their USPS label discounts have also helped us save a ton of money on shipping. Would definitely recommend Ordoro to any eCommerce business!


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