The Cheapest Way to Ship Jerseys and Sportswear

The cheapest way to ship jerseys is USPS First Class Package Service if they are under 1 lb, or USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes if they are over 1 lb
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Who doesn’t love a good sports jersey? Whether you prefer to show your love for Tom Brady, Lebron James, or even vintage Derek Jeter, there’s an option out there for every fan. As a result, jerseys are some of the most popular clothing items sold in eCommerce circles, with millions of units shipping out every year. If you’re an online seller looking to get in on the action, we’ve got you covered. This guide is all about the cheapest and most efficient ways to ship your jerseys. Let’s start the clock!

USPS is the Cheapest Carrier Option for Shipping Jerseys and Sportswear

Before you start thinking about which shipping carrier to choose, allow us to stop you right there. The United States Postal Service is going to be your cheapest option, far and away. In general, USPS will always be the cheapest carrier for small, lightweight packages like envelopes with jerseys inside. That said, UPS will be far cheaper for overnight delivery or if you’re sending larger, heavier packages like a whole bunch of jerseys in bulk. But if you’re shipping one or two jerseys, there’s really no comparison to the Postal Service.

First Class Package is the Cheapest USPS Service, Unless Your Jerseys are Over 1 Lb

If your envelopes containing your jerseys clock in at under 1 pound (16 oz), then USPS First Class Package Service will be your best bet. First Class Package is the Postal Service’s cheapest service for shipping items under 16 ounces, bar none. Delivery occurs between 1-3 business days, and depending on where you’re shipping to in the country, it only will run you about $5 on average per envelope.

The only thing with First Class Package is that you’ll need to use your own packaging, and can’t use any of the free Priority Mail envelopes that USPS provides. Thankfully, you can pick up these 10×13″ poly mailers on Amazon for pretty cheap.

Pro Tip: First Class Package also doesn’t come with built-in USPS insurance, so we always suggest protecting your packages with additional insurance when shipping in this mail class.

If Your Jerseys Weigh Over 1 Lb, then Use Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes

If your jerseys are over 1 pound (16 oz), then using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes will be your second cheapest option. At the USPS Commercial Pricing rate, Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes only cost $7.15 to ship (or $7.75 at the Post Office). Delivery still occurs between 1-3 business days. However, unlike First Class Package, these envelopes also come with built-in USPS insurance that you can claim if the jersey arrives damaged, or if your package gets lost in transit. Just make sure you can fit your jerseys into these flat rate envelopes in the first place!

Save the Most Money With Online Shipping Software

Whether you’re buying First Class Package or Priority Mail Flat Rate postage, making use of free online USPS shipping software is really how you’ll save the most money when you ship your jerseys. Shipping software allows you to access the deepest level of USPS discounts available such as the previously-mentioned Commercial Pricing. Simply put, these discounts can save you up to 59% off of what you’d pay at the Post Office. If you’re shipping out a lot of jerseys, that level of savings can make or break your margins!

On top of that, you can pay for and print all your postage at home when you use shipping software. The best shipping software companies also allow you to schedule free pickups from your letter carrier, so you’ll never need to stand in line at the Post Office again. Since we’re on the subject of sports, that’s a win/win situation if we’ve ever seen one.

Looking for some recommendations on shipping software? Check out our Reviews page to start shipping!

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