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Originally in the business of creating label printers, Rollo has begun to offer discounted shipping labels in addition to their physical product lines.


Rollo is a newcomer to the shipping software game. They advertise that shippers can save up to 74% off retail rates from all three major carriers (USPS, UPS, and FedEx). Users can either generate individual labels or connect selling channels via a few major eCommerce platforms. Rollo states there are no setup fees or monthly fees, but they do charge a fee of $0.05 per label. Rollo also may charge payment processing fees whenever you add funds to purchase labels. While Rollo makes great thermal label printers for printing off your shipping labels, small business owners and individuals may still save more money by looking into other free shipping software options.

Feature Overview:


  • 200 free shipments upon signing up
  • Access Commercial Pricing rates with a fixed cost of $0.05 per label plus payment processing fees
  • 5-star rated live chat support
  • Rollo donates 10% of proceeds from each label charge to the charity of your choice

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  1. Amanda

    I’ve been using the Rollo printer for shipping for about 2 years now and it wasn’t a problem until I recently used their app for the shipping discounts and got double charged when purchasing the labels. The page on the app stayed still and did not refresh at all to confirm my payment until I went to the homepage and saw that I have more than what I wanted to put in. I then contacted customer service for a refund that they claimed to put back to my bank only to find that I’m still missing money from them and never got a refund. It’s been a bunch of going back and forth with my bank and Rollo and my bank can not find any incoming transactions refunds when Rollo gave them the reference numbers. Along with that, I had to create a separate commercial invoice when shipping express internationally through UPS and had to fill it out and send it to UPS via email separately than doing that process through Rollo. That process put the shipment on hold and the package is now arriving late 5 days late to my customer.

  2. Brad

    I’m surprised by the 1 stars here. I assume they’re talking about the Rollo’s shipping site? I don’t use it, so I don’t know. But I do use Pirate ship on Firefox browser, and shipping is insanely simple. Once I create the label on Pirateship, or any other shipping site, I download the label pdf. It shows up as a Firefux popup. Once you see that, just click the printer icon, and I just select my Rollo from the list. The label’s automatically configured. Then click print. Works every time, and makes high quality labels. I have a restoration business, and I hate to say it, but printing labels is about the only part of the job that is fun. You can download the pdf labels to Adobe reader too, and use the select tool, It’s an extra step, but not bad.

  3. Derrick

    Crashes to a blank screen eachband every time I try to input a recipients address. Double irritating that I had to prepay, so now that money is gone. Rollo customer service is great at not understanding what you are talkkng about on the rare occasions that they are available online

  4. Katie McQuigg

    90% of the time the site doesn’t load the order for you to create labels. I’m irritated that I invested the money on a label printer that wont even let me add the address. no customer service number to call. I’ve been trying to create ONE label for 3 hours, the page will not load. Don’t waste your money.

  5. Bill

    Rollo has been great to ship with and appears to be saving us money HOWEVER if you are shipping UPS do not put any money into your account. You are charged a fee to do that and Rollo doesn’t pull your shipping money from that fund. UPS will bill you for what you have shipped. Found this out after the fact and not we have over $200 sitting in their account and can’t use it except for shipping USPS.

    • Justin

      Bill, did the UPS rates that show up for you look like retail rates? If so, were you billed the lower rate? Rollo shoed $45 for a 2 day shipment, but after creating a UPS account and putting in the same info, it showed up as $117. Rollo customer support was very quick to call me, and said it was a bug. They told me I could go ahead and process the shipment, and UPS would bill me the lower amount. I don’t know if I trust that or not. Thanks!


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